FIITJEE Jaipur Centre’s Four Year Classroom Program Student Sambhav Jain steals the show by securing AIR 59 in JEE Advanced 2022 results, becoming Jaipur City Topper

Jaipur, September, 2022.

True to their basic DNA, where winning has become a habit; FIITJEE is proud to announce the dominating Success of its Students in JEE Advanced, 2022.

FIITJEE congratulates all the successful students for their outstanding results and wishes them Success &Glory in their new endeavours.

Sambhav Jain, AIR 59, is a student of FIITJEE Jaipur Centre’s Four YearClassroom Program announced as City Topper. Sambhav has performed outstandingly well by scoring 249 out of 360 in JEE Advanced, 2022.

Sambhav’s Other Achievements: KVPY Fellow, IOQP & IOQC

This is not the first time that FIITJEE students have excelled in highly competitive and prestigious JEE Advanced Examination. In fact, FIITJEE is the only institute with national presence in more than 70 centresacross the country in that has been consistently producing excellent results YOY since last 30 years, across its centres countrywide and not like every other institute that is a one or two centre wonder story. This is a proof of the efficacy of FIITJEE’s way of preparation and teaching. It has also proved the superiority of the faculty, and the unique pattern-proof teaching modalities followed at FIITJEE, one of the India’s most trusted institutes.

Sambhav Jain,City Topper (AIR 59), JEE Advanced 2022 said “Making it to the IIT has been my dream since childhood and I am grateful to FIITJEE for helping me accomplish this dream. FIITJEE’s unique teaching methodology has helped me tremendously with the preparations of JEE in a Pattern Proof manner. I will always be in touch with the FIITJEE faculties for future guidance.

Sambhav Jain, City Topper (AIR 59), JEE Advanced 2022 said “With the help of FIITJEE, I not only secured top rank in JEE Advanced 2022 but also achieved good positions in several other competitive exams. FIITJEE’s well trained faculty facilitated in strengthening my fundamental concepts of Science & Mathematics that helped me in creatively resolving complex and tricky problems in JEE Advanced successfully”.

“It is a proud moment for FIITJEE. I feel immensely proud of the excellent performance by the students. My heartiest congratulations to all the students and their parents on this achievement. FIITJEE was the fruit of realization that the secondary education system in India was not good enough to train young minds towards deep conceptual pursuit of science education. Even students who do well at school often fail to do well in competitive examinations because they lack in-depth conceptual understanding and analytical skills despite having a good IQ. The success of our students at JEE year after year bears testimony to the fact that our unique way of teaching has succeeded in bringing the best in students. We are very proud of the achievements of our students and faculty,” says Mr. Dhruva Kumar Banerjee, Managing Partner, FIITJEE Jaipur.