Mumbai, 29 October 2020.

Hollywood’s growing larger-than-life appeal knows no bounds. With its sophisticated visual effects, unique concepts and aspirational characters, today its fandom in India cuts across languages and cultures. Delving deep into the universe of these passionate fans, &flix, the destination for the latest Hollywood hits from the house of ZEE, has released a comprehensive report titled ‘Hollywood Is For Everyone’ that decodes the hunger for Hollywood amongst movie lovers in India. Coupled with a slew of dubbed releases, Hollywood has now made inroads into untapped markets and resonated with newer audiences. The study throws light on this phenomenon and how Hollywood forms an intrinsic part of our conversations and culture today. With a soaring success at both Box Office India and television, Hollywood has reached the homes of enthusiasts from all corners of India and its only on an upward swing from hereon.

&flix commissioned Nielsen to conduct a study and draw insights from 1500 + movie lovers across metros and Non-Metro cities including – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Indore. The report delves into how Hollywood enjoys a universal appeal in India and highlights the consumer preferences, attitudes and behaviors, truly giving an insight into the lifestyles and mindsets of the movie buffs in India. The findings reveal how Hollywood blockbusters and heroes act as a gateway for viewers to unlock unlimited possibilities.

Drawing inspiration from the findings, ZEE has recently announced a pan-network property ‘Ticket To Hollywood’ that brings the latest Hollywood movies in dubbed languages across ZEE’s leading movie channels. Starting with the premiere of 2020’s superhero movie ‘Bloodshot’ available across 12 channels in 10 languages, the property further unlocks Hollywood’s true potential in India, giving enthusiasts access to the larger-than-life, Hollywood-level experience.

Sharing her views on the study, Prathyusha Agarwal, Chief Consumer Officer, ZEE said, “At ZEE, we have always recognized the diversity of the cultures and people that exist within India. The findings from the &flix consumer study are proof that Hollywood aficionados are spread across the ‘many Bharats’ today. They seek new experiences and have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends. By offering a ‘Ticket to Hollywood’ to these passionate fans, we at &flix continue to win in the many Bharats that coexist. Being the pioneers of some of the most disruptive innovations in the category, we at &flix are truly proud to push the envelope yet again and present the insightful findings that have emerged through this comprehensive study.”

Commenting on the same, Kartik Mahadev, Business Head, Premium Channels, ZEEL said, “In the hyper-connected world we live in, Hollywood is closer to our homes and hearts now than ever before. Today, Hollywood movies aren’t just for the English-speaking audiences living in metros as we see movie enthusiasts in Bharat and India with the same level of passion and connectedness to the global fan following. This &flix study delves deeper into the mind of the movie fan and explores their culture that is fully immersed into the movie universe. Since its launch, 2 years ago, &flix has challenged the English movie genre codes in addressing the fan experience on television. ‘Ticket to Hollywood’ broadens access to Hollywood premieres across the width and breadth of the country, bringing movies closer to fans while creating value for brands who want to engage with the passionate audience across regions.”


Hollywood Is For Everyone

Hollywood is truly akin to an offer that cinephiles can’t refuse. The study revealed that 9 in 10 Movie Lovers, watch both English & Hindi / Regional movies.

Hollywood’s Entertainment Quotient Fares Better Than Bollywood / Regional

The study further reveals movie lovers’ preference for Hollywood when it comes to its entertainment value. Compared to Bollywood / Regional movies, 91% movie lovers feel Hollywood movies have better power-packed action sequences and special effects.

For Movie Lovers, TV is the preferred medium for Hollywood

A further deep dive into the consumption preferences of movie lovers in India revealed that television is their preferred choice to experience Hollywood. 88% respondents claimed Hollywood VFX and superhero stunts are better enjoyed on TV than smartphone. 82% stated that TV viewing comes closest to the big screen experience amidst the lockdown. Moreover, 81% of movie lovers claimed Hollywood to be a great way for family bonding.

#LeapForth with an enhanced TV-viewing experience

The study revealed that there’s much more that Hollywood enthusiasts seek from television. 8 in 10 expressed displeasure in waiting for months before their favorite Hollywood movies are screened on Indian TV channels. 7 in 10 Bollywood / Regional admirers enjoy dubbed versions of Hollywood films but find limited options of movies in their preferred language. Through &flix’s disruptive offering of bringing the fastest to television premieres reducing the theatre-to-TV wait time by half, along with the multi-language block ‘Flix For All’, the channel truly caters to viewers hunger for Hollywood. Moreover, with ‘Ticket To Hollywood’ ZEE takes the experience to the next level by engaging with a larger community of enthusiasts who now have a chance to witness their favorite heroes from Hollywood in the language of their choice.

Getting to know the Hollywood viewers in India

Giving us an insight into the Hollywood Enthusiasts, the study reveals how they are tech-savvy and brand-conscious individuals who seek new experiences. They are in-sync with the latest trends and are avid travellers. Compared to Bollywood / Regional admirers, Hollywood enthusiasts:

  • Earn 1.5 times more
  • 2x more likely to buy higher-priced products
  • Over 2X more likely to own 4-wheelers
  • Have a stronger presence on Social Media
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