New Delhi, December 24, 2021.

The year is ending, and that paves the path for the welcoming of New Year. India’s gifting giant, FlowerAura, is all set to cater to the occasion with its range of new products. The latest launch event has taken place, and the company has revealed new gift items, like every year. And every item promised to express and convey emotions in a surreal way.

The gifting industry understands occasions like New Year in the best manner, and FlowerAura has been tickling to produce right giggles for more than a decade. As the year 2022 is just a few days away, the company has launched and revealed the exclusive collection ofNew Year Gifts. The collection of gift items has been curated to cater to all the relations. From gifts related to resolutions and items that motivate people to push for better, the newly launched gift range defines that gifting gestures are more than just making lasting impressions. People can shop for air purifying and foliage plants to wish their dear ones a year full of health and greenery. The company is also focusing a lot on engaging people in green gifting because it’s what the world needs right now. New and more beautiful flower arrangements are launched along with a range of premium flowers that will let users wish their dear ones a year full of colorful happiness. The range of gift items that can be personalized and have worthy new year graphics include ceramic mugs, wall frames, coasters, cushions, beer glasses, greeting cards, caricatures, and wall and photo clocks.

The exclusiveness and newness of the launch told about itself as the company’s representatives revealed the range of combos and hampers for the new year. From useful items like t-shirts, room fragrance sets, and skincare products to delicious items such as flavoured cookies, chocolates, and protein bars, there is so much to love about the hampers. The combos include New Year cakes, flowers, teddy bears, sweets, and divine God idols. And from packaging to little wish cards, FlowerAura makes sure that emotions get conveyed perfectly.

FlowerAura is the name that speaks of quality along with utmost customer satisfaction and priority to customer service. All the gift items for the New Year and other occasions get delivered through prompt delivery services.

In conversation with the media, Mr Himanshu Chawla, CEO of FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are focused to be revolutionary in the gifting industry with every coming occasion. We have been focusing a lot on turning people towards green gifting. The team worked tirelessly to bring in new designs and new gift ideas for the coming year of 2022. We hope to have a blissful year for the whole world and for our business too.”