Fortis saves a young Dengue patient with its rapid &effective treatment

Jaipur, 7thFebruary 2019:When the patient was brought to the emergency ward of the Fortis Escorts Hospital in the city, the case was critical as prior diagnosis in two other leading hospitals and the child was not responding to management in the previous hospital. This escalated the severity, leading to pneumonia and malfunctioning of organs, acute compartment syndrome and finally, failure in muscle functioning.  This paired with low BP, bleeding in the air passage and lungs and excess accumulation of water in the stomach, needed critical reactionary measures, in order to save the life.

Thanks to his/her immediate family and the concerted efforts of the doctors of the paediatric, along with the intensive care team at the hospital, the patient underwent threecriticalcorrective procedures and recovered completely.

Clinical Dengue has been on a rise, in a country that is inept in maintaining a balance on the overall hygiene. Alarmingly, dengue has shed its seasonal nature and now is making its presence felt through the length and breadth of the country. Even more alarming is the fact that children are being severely affected, with lack of preventive measures adding to the woe.

“This has been a crucial victory for us as a tender life was saved due to our rapid measures. The child came to us in a critical condition, with acute pneumonia keeping the precious life in dangle. Compartmental Shock syndrome and bleeding in lungs had aggravated the situation, which needed rapid attention. What was alarming was the lack of preventive measures applied by the previous hospitals that lead to the escalation.”says Dr Sanjay Choudhary, Consultant of Paediatrics, Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur.

“Close to 40+ days of treatment/recuperation, with 30 days in ventilator was necessary for complete recovery. Immediate Compartment Syndrome Management was administered, which included water suction, Bronchoscopy and clot removal, prolonged dialysis and othercombative measures. It was the quick thinking of the paediatric department, along with Mr Shabber of Intensive Care and Dr Garsa, that we have been able to tackle the situation. Yet I would really like to throw a light on the flailing situation of hygiene and the lack of preventive measures taken by the medical bodies and citizens alike. Dengue is on a widespread, since last 4- 5 yrs and is rampant amongst children. We need to take ownership of the situation and work towards bolstering the hygiene of the nation; else loss of young lives would be in our hands. Basic precautionary measures would do much justice to the situation, while going great length in safeguarding the young lives.” says Dr.Shabber Joad, Director- Critical Care, Fortis Escorts Jaipur

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