HYDERABAD, India, 12 July, 2019: Freedom Healthy Oil recently unveiled a video that sheds light on women and their right to freedom. Dubbed #FreedomtoChoose, it is a part of a campaign from a leading brand of oil in India that is all about guilt-free eating. It offers a range of oils including sunflower, mustard, rice bran, and gingelly, among others.

For too long, women have been subject to both explicit and unwritten rules, and expectations that counter their personal beliefs on a day-to-day basis. Despite being rampant in our society, these instances of sexism are so subtly ingrained and normalized that they have become insignificant and, in some cases, unrecognizable. That, however, doesn’t make them any less existent.

While combatting this toxicity is crucial, it is equally important to break it down. So, Freedom Healthy Oil, through its #FreedomToChoose campaign, aimed to do its bit by cataloguing instances of casual sexism. The brand launched a video celebrating ‘The Women of Free Spirit’ who are breaking the glass ceiling and guiding their life’s narrative, free from the status quo and the stereotypes. The video is hinged on a paradox and is an attempt to right the rules by drawing attention to some of these occurrences. Since its launch on June 29th, it has crossed 5 million video views across social media platforms.

“As a progressive company, we believe that no one other than a woman herself should have an opinion about what she should and shouldn’t do. We stand by women who have fought the battles for their life choices, stayed true to themselves, and risen to their dreams. Since these women feel more fulfilled, they are likely to be happier, and a happy woman makes a happy home. So the positive effects go beyond her and impact the family as well. We’ve only scratched the surface, but we hope that through this video, we are able to raise awareness, spark conversations, and dismantle the forced obligations to fit into a mould,” says Mr. Chandrashekhara Reddy, VP Sales & Marketing, at Gemini Edibles & Fats Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Chetan Pimpalkhute, Marketing Head at Freedom Healthy Oil, added, “I believe the campaign perfectly sums up what we have stood for from day one – the essence of Freedom. We wanted to leverage the brand for the greater good and contribute to bringing about a positive change in our society.”