NAGAPATTINAM, India, 24 July, 2019: Ten years ago the Freudenberg Group inaugurated the Freudenberg Training Center in Nagapattinam in the south Indian province of Tamil Nadu, the region hit hardest by the tsunami in December 2004. Every year, the Training Center provides up to 120 graduates with the prospect of a job and a better future. Currently, 14 teachers are training 210 young people to be welders, fitters, machinists, mechanics (motor vehicle) and electricians. The long-term aid project is Freudenberg’s largest outside Germany and was launched as a gesture of goodwill and solidarity with Indian tsunami victims. In October 2019, the ten-year anniversary of the Freudenberg Training Centre will be celebrated.

In the wake of the devastating tsunami in December 2004, Freudenberg decided to help build a Training Centre in Nagapattinam in the south Indian province of Tamil Nadu. It officially opened in 2009, with the vision of providing skills-oriented vocational training, helping create a sustainable future and provide opportunities to young people. Covering an area of 13 acres, the Freudenberg Training Centre runs state-approved courses for welders, fitter, machinists, mechanics (motor vehicle) and electricians. It has since obtained approval from the National Council for Vocational Training which has strict standards and is widely-recognized throughout India.

Nagapattinam is just one side of corporate citizenship at Freudenberg. Freudenberg’s goal is to be a good corporate citizen and good neighbor in all the countries, states and communities they call home. Freudenberg allows employees to be socially engaged and support a broad spectrum of projects – everything from small initiatives on-site to complex international programs.