New Delhi, June 23, 2020.

“Fuel prices hikes for 17 consecutive days has created a pandemic of its own for commuters and public transport operators alike. These hikes by OMCs to cover up losses is not sustainable and will have a debilitating effect on public transport sector which is already under severe duress due to policy apathy. Social distancing norms have slashed capacity by 50% as it is, operators will now be forced to pass on the hike to passengers, sending ticket prices through the roof.

It will have a cascading effect on overall health of the economy, especially at a time when there are job cuts and pay cuts, people may not be able to pay more for public transport.  This will also affect the school children and factory owners.

We anticipate all of this will have a high impact on overall employment and economy. The government needs to step in and find a middle path so that both the operators and commuters can co-exist without undue financial burden on either.”