No matter how strongly and continually you debate on the effects social media has had on your life, the fact that it has cannot be overlooked or ignored. The factors that are debated on are whether it harms or hurts you and whether it connects or disconnects you.

However, there is one thing about social media for sure which is it has an amazing potential to provide you with a never-ending amount of inspiration. This is even more significant for the graphic designerson Instagram.

Over the years and within a very short time, Instagram has become the most popular and desired destination for designers due to its finely curated features. It allows you to post gorgeous photos, captions and taglines, videos, and other visual contents all of which will significantly and effectively clamor for the most and best Likes, comments and more followers.

In short, Instagram has raised the urge in people significantly to visit it which is almost like visiting a modern art museum for satisfactory results right from the comfort of your own homes or from your offices during your lunch breaks. You can use it when you are mobile as well on your way to your office.

Follow the right people

Though you can follow Instagram posts and pictures almost every time, it is paramount that you follow the right kind of people so that you get the best results. It is only then you will be able to make the best use of this most useful social media platform to promote your product and business enabling you to create more awareness for your brand.

Therefore, this platform is the most suitable one for the artists and designers allowing them to be most creative using the different methods and tools provided by Instagram to build a miniaturedigital art gallery and even a social portfolio. It depends on how you want to use it.

To prove Instagram as your jackpot when you want to showcase your designing skills all you have to do is increase your online presence amongst the Instagram community. You can either download the free Instagram templates for this or visit sites such as to take help of the experts so that you can effectively, easily and efficiently elevate the level of engagement of the consumers.

The curating required

You will need a little bit of self-curating of your Instagram account to narrow your search and find out some of the best and most useful design inspirations. When you do o you can break down your search into specific categories such as:

  • Illustration
  • Color palettes
  • Graphic design
  • Street art
  • Pop art and installation
  • Photography
  • Calligraphy and
  • Typography.

However, you may find that a few of these categories are overlapping some of the work making them fall into a number of different categories in the list.

Ways to find more inspiration

Just like any other project there must be a specific plan to follow when you want to find design inspiration. Apart from checking out different profiles and Instagram accounts of different artistssharing their creative work with the rest of the world, you must also follow a few specific tips that are very inspiring as well. Follow the design in each account specifically and take cue from each in different aspects of graphic design such as:

  • The wide range of varied designs in each different account feed that range right from black and white to colored images, eye captivating computer graphics to handdrawn creative art
  • Choose between minimal and complex designs as well as the sites that allows you to submit and share your work and
  • Look at the simply cool designs and art as well as general creativity to be more creative and know about better use of colors in your graphics.

To use Instagram creatively for your brand just like every brand seems to be using these days to create posts for generating more engagement through their images, video, and stories, you will have to stand out from the pack. The best way you can do this is by having a better outlook and a keen design eye. The skills that you should possess and uses are:

  • Color balance
  • Shape
  • Contrastand composition.

These are the three most significant factors especially in this visual medium that will help you to create an Instagram post that will stand out. Combine all these skills with your social media marketing strategy and you will see it for yourself how easily you can create a more brand awareness and build a larger loyal customer base in no time.

Here are a few useful tips that will help you to get you on your path to Instagram success:

  • Owning your visual story is paramount in each post. It must be a strong one so that it connects the users to your brand quickly on Instagram. Since people remember 80% of what they see, the designers make the most of this fact.
  • Show your products on Instagram but certainly do now try to sell it through this platform otherwise users will soon check out. Tell then who you are and what you do and what is iut that you want to convey to them through your messages.
  • Use relevant hashtag with every post as this will let others share and connect to it easily which is ideally the best way to tell your story. Therefore, firstly you should create a hashtag account by searching for the hashtag you want to use and follow.
  • Make sure that you follow a project using relevant Instagram Stories as this will add life to the project. You will be able to tell everything in one step at a time using these Stories. You may use a precise mix of still and video images along with sound and text to give your project the perfect outline.

Lastly, create a culture that will relate the users to your brand by either using a hashtag account or by creating another account. Just know what works the best to create the right feel.

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Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Social Media. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. You can visit and learn how to build more follower presence.

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