Published On: Mon, Feb 24th, 2020

Get rid of the old and take home new products at great discounts till 10th March 2020 at Big Bazaar

Jaipur, 24th February 2020: On popular demand,Big Bazaar – India’s most loved hypermarket chain announces the Great Xchange offer till 10th March 2020. During The Great Xchange’ customers can get rid of all their unwanted old items at a price and get great discount on new products through discount coupons. Customers can discard old items like newspapers for Rs. 50 per kg, electronics for upto Rs. 5000 per piece, utensils at Rs. 300 per kg and much more. In exchange, customers can purchase any products in fashion, electronics, homecare, furnishings, footwear, kitchenware, toys, sports goods, induction cooktops and much more at minimum 5 times the coupon discount vale. 

Article Description (Select Items) Unit of Measurement Xchange Value
Old Newspaper KG ₹50
Old Clothes Garments KG ₹300
Old Electronic items Per piece Upto ₹5000
Old Sofa Set/ Dinning Table Per seat ₹1000
Old Utensils KG 300
Gas stove Per piece 500
Doormat Per piece 50
Old Mattress Per piece 1000

Making it easier for customers to calculate the xchange value for the old products Big Bazaar has created an online link Using this link, customers can simply enter their product and get to know the xchange value for the same; plus can register themselves for an exclusive offer that can be availed at the store.

Speaking about The Great Xchange, Mr. Sadashiv Nayak, CEO, Big Bazaar says, “As a brand that deals will millions of customers everyday, we understand the most common problem faced in every house. The problem is the concern of what needs to be done with all the old products. The only way one can get new products when you get rid of all the old unwanted things in your house. Our xchange offer is purely based on this insight and based on its year on year success we bring it back for the benefit for our customers. Like always, we hope our customers make the most of this month long offer.”

Customers will receive redeemable discount coupons in denomination value of Rs. 50, Rs.100 and Rs. 250till 10th March 2020. Customers can redeem the coupons as per the conditions mentioned on themat the nearest Big Bazaar, Big Bazaar GenNXT, HyperCity and fbb stores in the country.

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