• October 28, 2021

MUMBAI, February, 2020.

Identifying the need to protect families and children from the mosquito menace in India, Goodknight unveiled its latest power-packed innovation – Goodknight Gold Flash. This new offering is India’s most powerful liquid vaporizer, with visible proof of efficacy through flash vapours. As India’s largest household insecticide brand, Goodknight is redefining the INR 2200 crore liquid vaporizer market in the country by unveiling Goodknight Gold Flash.

As per Goodknight’s research, 90% consumers face problems from mosquitoes in India. To ensure an all-round protection of families from the mosquitoes, Goodknight is empowering people with the most powerful protection through Goodknight Gold Flash. This new machine ensures a rapid release of visible flash vapours resulting in a knock-down effect on mosquitoes, compared to only repellency effect of normal liquid vaporizers in the initial period. 

Commenting on this revolutionary launch, Sunil Kataria, Chief Executive Officer – India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), said, “Goodknight is the market leader in household insecticides category in India. We are the most trusted and preferred brand by families seeking all-round protection from vector-borne diseases. We have always disrupted the category and offered innovations solutions to consumers. Goodknight Gold Flash, India’s most powerful liquid vaporizer, is our latest disruption in the liquid vaporizer format.”

He further added, “With upgraded heating technology and visible efficacy, Goodknight Gold Flash will be a game changer for the INR 2200 crore liquid vaporizer market in India. Through this offering, we are upgrading users of formats like coils and burning solutions like incense sticks. Thereby, targeting an additional INR 250 crore market comprising of such products.”

Goodknight Gold Flash comes with normal and flash mode, backed by a unique chip-based technology which switches between these modes automatically. To activate the machine for faster results, the user will simply have to turn on the flash mode and the machine will begin emitting visible flash vapours for 30 minutes. After this, it will automatically switch back to normal mode. This cycle will repeat itself every 4 hours until the machine is turned off. The flash vapours and an improved machine ensures the elimination of mosquitoes from all hidden corners. Goodknight Gold Flash machine’s highly porous wick along with heating technology guarantees a quick release of active ingredients for greater efficacy.

Goodknight Gold flash fortifies the brand commitment to provide families with the most advanced protection against vector-borne diseases. The flash machine ensures a wider coverage to eliminate mosquitoes and delivers a seamless experience. It is also equipped with a unique locking system allowing only Goodknight flash refills to fit in the machine.

Goodknight is India’s largest household insecticide brand, trusted and loved by more than 7.4 crore households. It ensures families are protected from mosquitoes through its vast range of indoor and outdoor mosquito repellents. Its latest offering, Goodknight Gold Flash, is competitively priced at INR 89 for the machine and refill, while the refill is available for INR 75 per piece.

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