Hafele, the interiors fittings specialist brand, has always differentiated itself in the Indian market as a complete solution provider that offers innovative, technologically advanced and superior quality products which are ably backed by the highest standards in Customer service.

Over the last few years, Häfele has invested heavily in scaling up its service portfolio which now includes deigning services (for kitchens and wardrobes), installation guidance and demonstrations, hardware scheduling and every aspect of the after-sales support.

Taking this approach forward, the company is now set to introduce its latest service model called ‘Meister Service’ that offers complete installation of a Key hardware products by certified and trained service technicians from the company directly, at a reasonable service charge. At the launch of ‘Meister Service’ Mr. Jürgen Wolf (Managing Director-Häfele South Asia) says-“The reason behind introducing Meister Service was to take complete control of the customer experience and ensure that they not only get a top quality product from us, but also receive an accurate and seamless installation for that product. With Meister Service, we intend to take control of this and provide installation services for sophisticated product categories like sliding, kitchen fittings, furniture fittings and architectural hardware which require detailed attention and considerable skill to be installed accurately. And these installations will be managed by our ‘Meister Certified’ technicians who have been rigorously trained on every product falling under the purview of this Service. The word ‘Meister’ in German means Master and this is the message we want to drive home to our customers that some services are best managed by trained and experienced hands only. At the end of the day, it is a win, win situation. The customer is happy because he gets a perfect installation and we get less call from unhappy customers whose installation has been botched by some untrained carpenter.”

 Häfele’s Meister Service will be offered across the country through their team of 45+ certified technicians and will include the following:

1. Site-visit by Technician

2. Site-inspection by Technician    

3. Site-measurement by Technician

4. Fittings inspection by Technician

5. Installation of fittings and handover of site to the customer

The primary objective of ‘Meister Service’ is to ensure:

  • Accurate Installation of products as per standards and specifications
  • Optimum Functionality through Accurate Installations
  • Less hassles of Product Replacement
  • A peace-of-mind experience for customers using the Häfele products
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