We take the utmost care while picking a foundation, dress or a lipstick, but don’t show the same attention to detail while selecting a hairbrush. There’s a hairbrush for every hair type, molded exactly to your requirement. Sobiya Moghul, Content Head, Amazon Beauty and Luxury Beauty has done the legwork for you, identifying the most common hairbrushes, and explaining how to choose the best hair brush for your hair type — and why. Some of these may surprise you!

Paddle Brush:

These brushes are commonly available, have a soft cushiony bottom and ball-tip bristles that gently massage the scalp, smoothening away frizz. If your hair is naturally smooth, this will enhance its smooth and shiny appeal. If you’re straightening your hair, this brush also tame the tangles before the iron works its magic.

Vented Brush:

Like the name suggests, these type of brushes have vents that allow air to reach your hair and scalp from every angle. Apart from enhancing the texture of your hair, it adds volume to your hair. A quick brush can make your hair look voluminous and reduce drying time for wet hair in half.  (Make sure your hair is 80% dry before you run a hairbrush through it)

Round Brush:

Round brushes work on adding volume, but can also add a touch of curl to your look. A smaller sized brush will create tighter curls and a larger one will create loose curls. When you’ve wound your hair around the brush, blast some cold air on it to help your style last longer.

Teasing Brush:

The teasing brush is perfect for hairstyling where back-combing and teasing your hair into a trendy hairstyle a breeze. It is gentle on your hair while creating texture and volume. You don’t need an elaborate hairstyle to use a teasing brush, you can even use it to give your ponytail a fuller look.

Wide-tooth combs:

This doesn’t technically qualify as a brush, but is a definite hair-essential. When your hair is dripping wet and you have absolutely no time to wait, reach out for a wide-toothed comb to detangle it. It removes knots easily and doesn’t cause breakage or damage to your hair. If you suffer from excess frizz and split-ends, its best to lay off a brush and stick to this comb.

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