Hyderabad, July 9, 2019: To update scientific knowledge of Unani practitioners, Hamdard Laboratories (India), an over 100 years old Unani and FMCG Company organized a CME (Continuation of Medical Education) program in Hyderabad today. The theme of the interactive session between doctors was to understand various diseases, their burden, and solutions with alternate medicine system of Unani. The CME focused on lifestyle diseases including diabetes, hypertension, liver diseases and lack of immunity. It was moderated by Dr. MD Viqar Hyder of Hamdard Wellness, Hyderabad.

The organization also felicitated more than 60 Unani practitioners and channel partners through its Hamdard Bonanza scheme at the event today. Hamdard Bonanza is an innovative customer loyalty programme launched in 2014 for Unani practitioners & retailers to promote & popularize Unani amongst young practitioners.

Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard Laboratories (India) said, “To promote Unani medicines, an integral part of AYUSH, Hamdard has taken various initiatives like the CME program organized today in Hyderabad. It acts as a bridge to share knowledge on Unani and have a discussion around alternate medicines. Hamdard Wellness, our other initiative aims at mainstreaming Unani and brings it closer to the masses. Hamdard Bonanza is a great loyalty programme that we initiated in the year 2014. We are grateful to the hakims and doctors for their contribution to Hamdard and the society at large. Through this programme, we acknowledge their efforts and positive impact on the Unani system. Hamdard occupies a huge element of trust and lineage in people’s minds, and it is in continuation with this legacy that we have launched these initiatives.”

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