Mumbai 08 February 2021.

A bad year is like a bad relationship deep diving in trouble which ends up bursting your bubble of emotions.

However, this 2021 it’s time to turn over a new leaf and make a fresh start! This Valentine’s Day, let go of the struggles from the past and move on to a new beginning with a rush of love, hope and optimism on &flix.

Come 14th February, 2021, there are better ways to spend Cupid’s holiday than to head for a night out when you can simply snuggle in for an evening of laughs and cries, with this hilarious, relatable and modern take of a broken relationship.  Let go of heartbreaks and leap into a new start this year with the Flix First Premiere of The Broken Hearts Gallery at 1PM and 9PM on &flix2PM on Zee Café and 3PM on &PrivéHD.  Here is a movie that makes you feel good and realise that each of us have a story that is important and worth sharing.

What if you saved a souvenir from every relationship you’ve ever been in? Executive produced by the singing sensation, Selena Gomez, The Broken Hearts Gallery follows the always unique Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan), a 20-something art gallery assistant living in New York City, who also happens to be an emotional hoarder. After she gets dumped by her latest boyfriend, Lucy is inspired to create The Broken Hearts Gallery, a pop-up space for the items love has left behind. Word of the gallery spreads, encouraging a movement and a fresh start for all the romantics out there, including Lucy herself. Also starring in this movie opposite Geraldine is Dacre Montgomery most popularly known for his role in Stranger Things as Billy Hargrove.