Published On: Fri, Jul 24th, 2020

Heartfulness Institute Plants 30000 Trees Over Last Two Weeks

Hyderabad, July 24th, 2020.

Continuing its focus to extend the green cover, Heartfulness Institute, located at Kanha Shantivanam, Hyderabad, today planted 1000 plus trees to commemorate its commitment to Haritha Haram as part of its Green Kanha Initiative. Overall Heartfulness Institute has planted 30000 trees in the last two weeks as part of the Haritha Haram drive within the sprawling Green Kanha campus. Ranga Reddy District Collector& District Magistrate Mr. Amoy Kumar, IAS and the Government officials including 15 Sarpanches, MPPs, MPTCs from nearby villages planted Peepul trees (Ficus Religiosa) to mark the plantation drive.

35 different species that included Peepal, Coconut, Pungamia, Arjuna tree, Desi Badam, Lagerstroemia, Putranjiva, Cassia Javanica, Belerica, Tabebuia Aurea, Bixa Orellana, Indian Rosewood tree and other varieties formed a part of the 30000 trees planted during the last two weeks.

Commenting on the milestone Daaji, Guide of Heartfulness said, “at Heartfulness there is a constant urge for us here to surround ourselves with creation’s biggest gift – trees. This has seen us transform the once dry barren land of Kanha Shantivanam, into a serene oasis that enables the highest form of habitation for humans, flora, and the fauna that has positively impacted the climate around the region. We are happy to partner governments and other organizations who are interested in increasing one of the fundamental life sources on the planet.”

The President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind planted the landmark half millionth tree during his visit to the Institute early this year to inaugurate the world’s largest meditation centre which is part of the world-class headquarters of Heartfulness Institute in Hyderabad. 

Post the plantation, Mr. Amoy Kumar Collector of Ranga Reddy said, “we are happy that organisation like Heartfulness Institute are focusing on not only preserving the green cover but enhancing it.

Green Kanha Initiative at Heartfulness Institute is a continuous endeavour of the mission to increase the green cover and spread the awareness and benefits of greening to a larger community. Some of the species under threat include plants that are considered sacred and are of immense benefit to human beings and the environment. Under the Green Kanha initiative, the emphasis is given to such ecologically, economically and socio-culturally important native tree species. Also, with a vision of Kanha Shanti Vanam playing the role of an ex-situ conservation center, rare and threatened plant species are being collected from far and wide places within India, due diligence given to the positive ecological role that they could play in the decades and probably centuries to come.

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