Jaipur, 19 September, 2019. Hindware Kitchen Ensemble, the leader in the Auto clean chimney segment, launched “Titania Chimney” powered by revolutionary “MaXX Autoclean Technology.

MaxXX Autoclean technology facilitates temperature reaching up to an impressive 180°C,thrice more effective and powerful than conventional auto clean chimney. Hindware Titania Chimney is an amalgamation of state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design, and is a beautiful addition to modern kitchens.

Alongside this aesthetically appealing proposition, the star product is equipped with additional features such as Oil Resistant Rotor, which provides seamless operation to retain the airflow and operate at a low noise throughout the lifecycle of the product. Grease absorption coating on motor housing, coupled with 180°C Autoclean, ensures a cleaner and healthier chimney from within.

The chimney is available in three sizes, Titania 60cm, 75 cm and 90cm, at the price point of MRP 45990 INR, 47990 INR, and 49990 INR respectively.

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