Kota, May, 2020.

In the middle of a nationwide lockdown caused by the unprecedented Novel Corona virus pandemic we have been coming across some really inspiring stories that help restore our faith in humanity. In Kota, amidst a chaotic situation where a lot of migrant workers are finding it strenuous to survive the scorching heat or managing meals for families, Neeraj Kumar Trivedi owner of OYO 10104 Radhika Resort has displayed an exemplary role of a responsible hotel owner by providing meals to people ensuring that no one stays hungry in these desperate times.

In Kota, Neeraj Kumar has been leading a great initiative of helping out stranded migrant workers by providing them with food on a daily basis. Seeing the plight of workers Neeraj decided to get in touch with OYO to see how best he could help feed a few people. What started off as a humble initiative has now evolved into an ongoing social service for people who need it the most. Under the guidance of OYO Hotels & Homes, Neeraj has been providing meals to over 1000-1500 people on a daily basis. Considering the turnout, the onground team helped him by maintaining physical distance and adhering to the laws as applied by the Central and State Governments.

Neeraj Trivedi, says, “I was seeing how COVID-19 was impacting people at large, causing misery everywhere. While I wanted to help in my own way, I had to first map out the procedure so that the same could be done with minimum hassle. Since I have been with OYO for more than 2 years now and have many hotels with them, they were the right people to approach for this initiative. We discussed the possibility of providing food to the needy people to which the team was more than welcoming.

He further adds, “There are multiple families of daily wagers who have been residing near my hotels and were in dire need of food. Along with my ground staff I have been distributing food to more than 1000 people on a daily basis now. This was the least we could do at the times of such adversity and we shall continue to do so till we can. Lockdown has shown that initiatives like such can only be successful if we work together like a community. This was a huge task to pull off and I want to thank the OYO team who not only helped me in the logistics but also prepared my staff in all respect. I am also thankful that the team has taken care of my hotels with respect to sanitation and adhering to the health and safety guidelines as stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). “

One of the many lessons in a post Covid era would be that the world has become kinder. Such acts of compassion and benevolence are what we need to keep up with the momentum of fighting negativity associated with COVID-19. The stories like that of Neeraj’s is what brings a sense of solidarity and conscious responsibility as showcased by the hospitality industry which has been one of the worst hit sectors owing to this pandemic.