Luxury Car Rentals, India’s First Luxury Mobility startup headquartered in Bangalore has commenced offering airport transfer services to the discerning customers. The service is priced at INR 3,999 only and is available at an introductory price till 31st July, keeping in mind the travelers to the city and those who require the feel and touch of refined luxury.

Mr. Raghav Belavadi, Founder & CEO, Hype Car Rental said, “Hype – Luxury Car Rentals takes a lot of pride in starting the airport transfer services in Bengaluru, the city of our genesis. We curated this tailor-made luxury car rental service keeping in mind the need of safe and secure transportation for those who enjoy the finesse & luxury and most importantly at the most economical price that could be offered.”

He further stated, “Hype is a trendsetter in the domain of luxury car rentals and functions on the ethos of technological innovations. In the backdrop of a burgeoning luxury market in India, growing at about 14-16 percent year-on-year. These factors has been promoting the rental business, with luxury mobility alone accounting for alone is over $69 Billion market in India and a Trillion Dollar business worldwide.”

There is a huge influx of travelers to Bengaluru, travelling to the city for business trips and for leisure and thus offers tremendous business viability. Though Hype operates in other cities as well but this service has been exclusively piloted for Bengaluru seeing the changing paradigm of people wanting to experience different luxury cars on rent, especially with escalating ownership and maintenance.

Hype is successfully running campaigns on social media, online platforms and has received a very good response for the same. The airport transfer offers luxury cars which range from an array of international brands from BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar & Audi to the discerning customers. The booking trends showcase very interesting dynamics of the consumption patterns of luxury in the megacity, with the initial campaign reaching out to 176,896 individuals and garnering an impression of 182,940 on the online amplification.