Mumbai, May 13, 2020.

The glitz, the glam and of course the paparazzi – there’s something about B-Town celebrities that’s truly mesmerizing. Be it their airport looks that make headlines or gossip around them that adds to the jazz, the stardom around Bollywood’s superstars is indeed what makes them who they are. And, if you’re someone who’s bitten by the curiosity bug, whose pastime includes stalking celebrities’ social feed and who thrives on all the buzz around B-Town, you are certainly in for an entertaining ride this May! Zee Café, one of the leading English entertainment channels, brings to you a star-studded line-up of Bollywood superstars THEN and NOW in the back-to-back episodes of Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan and Starry Nights airing weekdays at 11AM only on Zee Café and Zee Café HD.

A recipient of several accolades, including a Filmfare and National Film Award and with multiple blockbuster hits to her kitty, the next guest to grace her presence is a charismatic and ambitious queen in the making. Parineeti Chopra, a dynamite of an actress on screen and a compassionate and loving human being off screen, is the perfect person to light up your day with her beautiful broad smile. Catch this gem of a person converse with Niranjan Iyengar and KomalNahta in reruns of Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan and Starry Nights 2.Oh!,this Thursday, May 14, 2020 only on Zee Café.

Talking about the criticism she faced, she says, “I am not an insecure person at heart but I know that I am not as good looking as an actress should be. Specifically, I am not talking about my weight issue but rather my personality and my body language which I am putting an effort to be better at.”

On the show, Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan, Parineeti talks about her dreams and desires,“The one thing I desire the most is to have my own house someday and probably also get back to singing.”

If there ever was an embodiment for a foodie, it would have to be Parineeti Chopra. She talks about her love for binge eating all the time. “The one thing I absolutely love and cannot do without is food. Anytime of my life and moment, I could have a pizza and there was a time I used to have 3 pizzas a day.”

Parineeti talks about her close intimacy with others and her thoughts about being in a relationship. She said, “I’m a very shy person with physicality and relationships. I don’t indulge in them too often. I am slightly unorthodox when it comes to all this. I don’t date people or have one-night stands, it’s just how I am.”

Parineeti Chopra talks to Niranjan about her new-found freedom and how liberated she feels staying all alone. “I like coming back to an empty house which is my own space. Hence I don’t miss anybody being in the house.”

“My switch from a successful business career to being an actress is pure destiny,”says Parineeti Chopra on her transition from a business acumen to professional acting on Starry Nights 2.Oh!.The genuine love that I have for my work is the reason for my constant energy. Even as a child, I would always be too involved with books all the time which defined me as who I am today,” said Parineeti Chopra.

Sometimes the heart wants what the hearts wants and in this case Parineeti does feel that it’s time she finds the right person to cherish. On the show with Niranjan Iyengar, shesaid, “I am a little impatient now. I want to find someone and fall in love with.”

Talking about certain values she learnt growing up, Parineeti Chopra says, “Even though in our childhood, we travelled a lot, we grew up in a small town and that gave us the balance we needed.”

Parineeti and her brothers shared some light banter on the sets of Starry Nights 2.Oh!. Sibling spat was clearly seen with Parineeti commenting about their childhood days. She said, “There was a time I would make a mistake but blame it on my brothers so that they would take the fall for it.”

Parineeti was a big fan of one Khan. During the final segment of the show when asked which Khan she would like to work with, with a sly blush she named Saif. She goes on to say,After watching LOC Kargil, I couldn’t sleep for 4 days because Saif dies in the film.”