New Delhi, September 9th, 2020.

 India’s largest and most respected online business news platform, The Economic Times now in its new avatar, will offer readers the most intuitive and enriching experience in the country. The new UI is the next step in the group’s overarching reader-first ethos,that ensures the highest standards keeping the premium nature of its content in mind.

Economic Times drove 3/4th of all time spent in the business/finance news segment on July ‘20. It informs and engages millions of Indian business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in ways that fuel economic growth and opportunity. The new Economic Times UI also unfolds a new experience for new and existing ET Prime subscribers – enabling them to read sharp, insight-rich stories across 20+ sectors in a cleaner interface with fewer ads. Not just that, it will also give readers exclusive invites to ET Prime’s bespoke events featuring industry leaders and much more. The new offering is a step towards giving subscribers a highly engaging and in-depth business news consumption experience.

Speaking at the launch of the new and revamped interface of Economic Times, Sanjeev Kumar, Business Head – said, “Innovation has always been the cornerstone of our success and this time our endeavour has been to aim higher by offering a new experience to our readers. We take a hard look at the way our audiences experience us every single day and decided to take their engagement with us to a new level, that’s led to the launch of a new look for The Economic Times’ website and app. With this revamp, our audiences will savour their daily dose of all things business, markets and economy in a more elegant, immersive and engaging manner. It will also offer our advertisers to connect with potential customers with an immersive interplay of text, image, graphics, video and podcasts.”

In July 2020, Economic Times users spent on an average, 151 minutes, 4.4X engagement as compared to its closest competitor. Covering a wide range of sectors from business, markets finance to economic policies ‘The Economic Times’ new avatar will also help advertising partners connect with professionals around the country more seamlessly.