New Delhi, April 30, 2022.

IRIS home Fragrances from Ripple Fragrances, the spatial fragrance initiative of the Mysuru-based NRRS launches its exclusive range of products for moms to celebrate Mother’s Day. The latest collection has been designed to keep the importance of moms in everyone’s life and the fragrant collection is widely available at IRIS Aroma Boutique and their e-commerce platform.

The eclectic style available in this collection will not only impress mothers with the choice of fragrance but also add an aesthetic appeal to the ambience. Available in beautiful kits, the soothing aromas and its gorgeous delivery systems make an excellent gift for women and girls. The brand has always believed in empowering women since their inception and has believed a woman has the power to uplift their family and society. 

Commenting on the range, Mr. Kiran Ranga, MD and Master Fragrance Creator, Ripple Fragrances, said, “Moms are the most important figure in one’s life, the warmth and comfort that a mother gives to their child cannot be matched to any worldly pleasures. Our brand has reached where it is because of the efforts and contributions made by our great grandmother and our mothers. We value the light a woman brings into our lives and empowering them is empowering the nation.” 

IRIS Home Fragrances strives to elevate the concept of fine living and wellbeing. The brand’s mother’s day collection has also been created to honor and appreciate the love and care provided by mothers. The range includes fragrance potpourri, floral bouquets and Fragrance Votive candles. The curated gifting kits containing aromatic candles and Fragrance pouches are available in French Lavender and Rose variants. The brand also has an alluring range of Bath & Body Kit which has luxurious moisturising soap, nourishing body butter and body spray. 

The Mother’s Day fragrance range is available at IRIS Aroma Boutiques in Bengaluru and Mysuru and at their e-commerce platform,  this collection ranges between INR 300- 1000.