Jaipur,  March 2019 – Jaipur is one of the largest cities in India as well as the capital city of Rajasthan, so, it is granted that in this city workforce is always in huge demand. On account of freshers and professionals hunting for jobs in Jaipur, there are distinctive sectors to scrutinise the job market in a particular area.

A survey by Worknrby conducted in the year 2019 indicates that IT & Software sectors are the most preferred career fields in Jaipur among freshers looking for the jobs.

An in-depth examination of all professional backgrounds reveals that IT and Digital Marketing sectors are the sectors where the boom in job demand has spiked the most over the years in the city of Jaipur. Apart from these two sectors, the growth in jobs in the Sales and Marketing domains has proliferated closely followed by the Content Writing and Digital Marketing segments. Recently, these fields have turned out to be the prime differentiators in Jaipur for freshers and veterans alike.

A study by Worknrby observed that in the last one year, the growth rate of the jobs market in Jaipur has been entirely compelling industrywide. In recent years, a massive increase in job spurt has been observed in Jaipur. However, the lack of jobs will have a significant impact on fulfilling those demands. On account of the survey,  four aspirants are already looking forward to grasping that job profile.

On the result of this survey, Mr. AshishAgarwal, Founder, Worknrby said, “Jobs from small business sectors are growing at an accelerated pace, and I notice new categories of job profiles emerging in Digital Space.”

Let’s have a glimpse of the job contribution count among different job verticals in order to have comprehensive knowledge about each job profile.

The percentage of diversification of sectors considering the job availability in the Jaipur region:

40% – IT & Software

30% – Sales & Marketing

20% – Digital Marketing/Content writing

10% – Accounts/HR/Admin and other back-office professions.

Jaipur has a total of 2000 Jobs in connection with the 8000 Job Seekers studying other cities it is discerned that the total user base is more than 60000. Thus, the survey reveals that to satisfy the needs of the job seekers and fill this considerable gap generating more jobs in the digital space is a need of an hour in Jaipur.

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