Jaipur, May 29, 2020.

Hygiene plays a pivotal role in well being today and is increasingly becoming a more widespread conversation and an immediate priority. The pandemic is changing consumer behaviour by resetting and reshaping perspectives. The discerning consumer world over has begun to adopt more stringent hygiene practicesin every aspect of their lifestyle including food. Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables has emerged as a major concern as the wash routine primarily is limited to water only and some other tedious DIYs at home to get rid of the dirt, germs, pesticides, etc. There is a continuous dilemma amongst caregivers and nurturers as to whether water is enough to wash and clean fruits and vegetables. To alleviate this fear of consumers, ITC announces the launch of NimWash Vegetable and Fruit wash with 100% natural action that ensures washing away of Pesticides and 99.9% Germs. With neem and citrus fruits extracts, ITC’s Nimwash Vegetable and Fruit wash has been specially designed as a preventive hygiene solution which is safe to use and has no added chlorine, bleach or artificial colour. The launch addresses an emerging consumer need to clean fresh produce properly once it reaches consumer homes.

Nimwash Vegetable and Fruit wash is being launched in two variants – Spray & Wash and Soak & Wash.

Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division, ITC Limited, said, “Consumers’ sensitivity to health and hygiene is at a heightened level. ITC’s first 100% natural action Vegetable and Fruit wash is a consumer’s delight as it delivers on effectiveness with the power of natural ingredients. Our endeavour always has been to identify and serve emerging consumer need, in a manner which helps consumers in these challenging times. “

Nimwash Vegetable and Fruit wash is available in 450 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre packs. Nimwash Soak & Wash priced at INR 99 for 500 ml would be a good monthly pack for an average nuclear family. 1 litre pack of Nimwash Soak and Wash is priced at INR 190. The convenient format of Spray and Wash will be available in 450 ml packs priced at INR 130.

Nimwash Vegetable and Fruit wash is set to redefine the way vegetables and fruits are cleaned.