• October 21, 2021

Mumbai, June 03, 2020.

Thinking of picking up a new skill this lockdown? We’ve got you covered! It’s time to don the chef’s hat and master the culinary arts by switching to Zee Café and tuning into one of the finest cooking shows on screen. Returning for a second sensational series with higher stakes and harder tasks,‘The Chefs’Line Season 2’brings to you a high-octane eye to eye competition of Home Cooks Vs Head Chefs on Zee Café– the ultimate entertainment channel, airingweeknights at 9. It’s a matter of more than just their reputation on the line, as it all comes down to commitment, focus and sheer will to progress to the final round.

Indulge yourself in cuisines and gourmet from around the world as executive chef Dan Hong, food writer Melissa Leong and Australia’s most famous indigenous chef Mark Olive reprise their roles as judge and jury in this exciting fiery competitive show.

Talking about how different The Chefs’ Line is compared to other shows out there, this is what Mark Olive had to say, What ‘The Chefs’ Line’ translates to is a unique insight to the cuisines origins techniques, ingredients, flavours, aroma’s and style cooked by our home cooks and professionals.”

It’s down to the last man standing as these chefs execute their best skills that is bound to make you cravefor their perfectly plated dishes. Talking about taking it a notch up, it’s a battle of amateur chefs Vs Professionals, ‘The Student’ Vs ‘The Sensei’ in an opportunity of a lifetime that would require passion and perfection to truly impress the judges for the coveted reigning title.

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