• October 26, 2021

Jaipur, February, 2020: It’s time to ditch the humdrum routine for an exciting ride of action, entertainment and non-stop thrill! &flix, the destination of the biggest Hollywood hits, brings an opportunity like never before with its latest property ‘Flix Premiere Week’. Starting Monday February 23, 2020 at 9PM, the channel encourages viewers to #LeapForth into seven magnificent stories with back-to-back premieres of movies that truly pack a punch. Available with the Zee Prime English Pack, the channel encourages viewers to demand their desires, confess their sins and transcend into an emotional turmoil with the exciting library of movies as part of ‘Flix Premiere Week.’

The property features a robust line-up of movies from across the world, bringing a mix of horror, rib-tickling laughter-therapy and high-voltage action, enthralling viewers through the week. Starting with the intense action-thriller ‘Seven Years of Night’ – a film centered around an accident turned-act of crime with a vengeful father on the chase, the property has oodles of excitement in store!Next, the line-up includes yet another fast-paced crime-thriller – ‘The Negotiation’ that features an ace crisis negotiator go head-on in trying to crack a cold-blooded hostage-taker with innocent lives at stake. Bringing the story of an ambitious and headstrong young woman, who runs for Prime Minister only to seek revenge from the man she once loved, is the romantic-comedy ‘Revenge Girl’ premiering as part of the property.

If that’s not enough stimulation for the adrenaline, the line-up also features the Academy Award nominees Tim Roth and Nick Nolte starrer ‘The Padre’ which chronicles the life of a con-man under the garb of a priest, who is on the run from his dogged pursuers. A movie that is sure to bring chills down your spine, Slaughterhouse Rulez’ boasts of a unique horror-comedy combination, unleashing the unspeakable horrors that surround an ordinary school. For those who seek drama, action and adventure, the line-up also brings two high-voltage action movies ‘The Kingdom’ and ‘The Bravest’, both teleporting you to the kingdoms of China.

No plans for the week? &flix has got you covered!~ Buckle-up for a week of power-packed action and adventure with seven exhilarating premieres as part of ‘Flix Premiere Week’ starting February 23, 2020 at 9PM on &flix and &flix HD ~

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