Jaipur, June 05, 2022.

 ‘Jaipur Bikers,’ a bikers’ and wildlife enthusiast group from Jaipur has extended their support to World Animal Protection to spread awareness on the plight of elephants used as attractions for tourism in Jaipur. The elephants in Amer fort are part of the tourism attraction package that subjects these wild animals to live in unnatural conditions and bear a life of suffering. Shri Kanhaiya Lal Bairwa and Gajender Kumar Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection, India flagged off the ride.

Elephants and other animals are used as commodities for commercial prospects in many places like Amer Fort in Jaipur. We take this initiative of “No Pride in Elephant Ride” to bring awareness among key stakeholders to help us in ending their suffering and relocating them to appropriate sanctuaries,” said Gajender Kumar Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection, India.

The world is not the same post pandemic. The tourism industry was one of the most impacted industries leaving mahouts and owners of these wild animals struggling to arrange appropriate space, food and other amenities in extraordinary circumstances.

An adult elephant needs about 200 kg of daily food in such demanding times when it is difficult for human survival and we see this as a window to emphasise the concept of ‘bring back better’ embracing a humane model of tourism to improve the lives of the captive elephants. We have been in discussions with the government of Rajasthan to start a feasibility study to find alternative solutions to ensure welfare of elephants and mahouts is safeguarded.” said Gajender K Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection, India.

This event is to bring awareness and garner support for this initiate and strengthen our voice with more support. Join us in this campaign and help to break this chain of demand and supply to enable relocation and rehabilitation of these wild creatures, gifting them a deserving life free of silent suffering. .#noprideinelephantride