Jaipur, April 26, 2019.

India’s Leading Theater Production Company, Felicity Theater and 3 M Dot Bands theatre family are all set to stage the first series of Jairangam seasons the short format theater festival at the BM Birla Auditorium in Jaipur on 27th and 28th April 2019. Jairangam seasons has been initiated with the objective to promote theatre as well as associated arts in Jaipur and provide a platform for interaction amongst artists, writers and performers for cultural cross exchange. Theater lovers in Jaipur will witness the debut of the highly acclaimed play Jab we separated Written and Directed by the famous film, television and theatre director Rakesh Bedi it has a power pact star cast which includes the popular film and television actress Shweta Tiwari and renowned theater personality Rahul Bhuchar. The pink city will also witness the Magnum Opus production Mahabhartata Written and Directed by film, television and theatre stalwart Puneet Issar. With a galaxy of iconic Film & Television stars, Mahabharata the epic tale is a three hour long play that depicts the entire Mahabharata in a poetic format, with rhythmic rendering of dialogues.

Mr. Deepak Gera, Festival, Director Jairangam says ‘We are getting extremely good feedback for Jairangam Seasons and the people of Jaipur are looking forward to this theater festival.People from nearby cities too are making an effort to come and watch these spectacular theatricals being held in Jaipur. I honestly believe that this joint endeavor between Jairangam and Felicity Theater will put Jaipur on the map as the theater capital of the region   “Mr. Rahul Bhuchar Producer and MD Felicity Theater added “I am delighted that felicity theater’s highly acclaimed production Jab we Separated will debut in Jaipur at the first Jairangam seasons, theater lovers in Jaipur will also have an opportunity to witness a different version of Mahabharata, that has a beautiful storyline, spectacular sets and amazing performances from some of the finest actors from the world of  film and theater”

Jairangam season commences on April 27th with the Magnum Opus play Mahabharata written by Puneet Issar and produced by Felicity Theater. This never seen before version of Mahabharata is narrated by DHARTI MATA (played by the renowned TV Actress Meghna Malik)   .She explains that no matter what the reasons for conflict may have been, the end result  has always been destruction of the planet and mankind .This play revolves around  three pivotal characters Duryodhan (Puneet Issar), Karan (Rahul Bhuchar) and Draupadi (Urvashi Dholakia). The arrogance Of Draupadi, The shrewdness Of Shakuni (Gufi Paintal) , and the obstinacy of Duryodhan may have caused the conflict but under the debris of all Evil was Buried the forgotten story of true friendship, unconditional love and selfless sacrifice ever witnessed by mankind . The dilemma of the Pandavas (Danish Akhtar and Karan Sharma), Kunti’s Pain(Harleen Rekhi), Gandhari’s helplessness, and Lord Krishna’s (Yashodhan Rana) guidance that has been created for eternity is portrayed beautifully by an ensemble of well known actors.This magnificent  production will be showcased on spectacular larger than life sets with high voltage drama, sound and lights. To enhance the viewing experience, the music has been specially composed and recorded to augment the overall experience for theatergoers.

The Highly acclaimed play Jab we separated written and directed by Rakesh Bedi and produced by Felicity Theater, will debut in Jaipur on 28th April, it is the narrative of Sanjay Sahni (Rahul Bhuchar) and Priya Maheshwari Sahni (Shweta Tiwari) who are living in a flat in Mumbai and have filed for divorce. Priya feels her husband is cheating on her, while Sanjay feels Priya does not give him enough space and nags too much. The court has given them a time frame of 6 months to reconcile if possible. But sadly in this scenario the couple desperately waits for these 6 months to get over and then subsequently get over with each other. The play raises a very potent question-Is divorce the only answer? Jab we Separated  also peeps into the solitary life of senior citizens like Priya’s immediate neighbor Monty Mitha (Rakesh Bedi), Who is constantly seeking company as he has no one to talk to. He begs people for time and attention but in the process becomes irritating to the core. Jab we separated is a complex story of love, marriage and separation that raises pertinent questions and coaxes the audience for answers.