Published On: Fri, Jul 10th, 2020

Jumboking adopts ‘The Burger of India’ tagline

Mumbai, July 10, 2020.

Jumboking, India’s largest chain of homegrown Quick Service Restaurants, has adopted a new tagline- ‘The Burger of India’

During the course of Jumboking’s nearly two decade journey, the brand has done multiple campaigns over the years to give expression to its promise. It has adopted taglines such as ‘Mumbai’s largest selling vada pav’, to ‘Kyunki Dil Hai Desi’, “I am Mumbai” and “For people going places.” However, the transition from vada pav to burger; has been a major shift for the brand over the last three years.

In keeping with this and its expansion into markets outside Maharashtra, the brand has now launched a new campaign which makes a differentiated and unique ‘The Burger of India’. 

“The Burger of India’ campaign celebrates the fact that we are an Indian born, Indian bred, burger brand,” says Dheeraj Gupta, the founder of Jumboking. “We are homegrown, vocal about being local and proud to be Indian. “

The brand has its origins in Mumbai city since August 2001. 

The Burger of India campaign explores Indian culture across work, family, habits, relationships etc. Just as we have different cultures, we have different tastes but as Indians, we are one. This thought is the base for the current campaign “Different Tastes One India” which is a part of the brands overall claim of being the Burger of India,” says Venkat Mallik, Co-founder, Tidal7, the agency behind the campaign. 

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