• October 22, 2021

It’s raining gadgets this summer as LatestOne.com announces one of its biggest sales. Grab your favourites from a wide range of accessories that are super stylish with excellent functionality. From Wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers to stylish watches, fitness bands, fast charging USB cables to power Banks and other mobile accessories, everything at irresistible deals and prices.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! This is the best time to accessorize your life with everything latest. Be it a birthday gift for your friend or a surprise present for your family or just the right time to treat yourself, there is something in store for everyone. Check out some of the gifts below-

  1. Quinto– Bluetooth Speaker

Classic Retro Design 5W dual driver speaker with built-in mic for hands free experience and music playtime of 3-4 hrs.

Buy here at Rs.2000 Rs.1399https://latestone.com/collections/best-bluetooth-speakers/products/ptron-quinto-wireless-bluetooth-speaker-for-all-smartphones-gold

Comfortable earphones for a music lover who is always on the go, with multi-function controls for hands-free mode with a memory card slo tfor long playing hours.

Buy here at Rs.2000 Rs.699 https://latestone.com/products/ptron-avento-pro-bluetooth-5-0-sports-wireless-headphones-with-tf-slot-for-all-smartphones-black

Lightweight, compact sized, fast charging, high density 10,000mAh battery with dual output.

Buy here at Rs.2600 Rs.1499 https://latestone.com/products/ptron-10000mah-dynamo-power-bank-for-all-smartphones-blue

Noise reducing and fashionable earphones with 4 sound delivering speakers for an amazing sound experience.

Buy here at Rs.1700 Rs.549 https://latestone.com/products/ptron-boom-2-4d-earphone-deep-bass-stereo-sport-wired-headphone-with-3-5mm-jack-for-all-smartphones-black-red

(Save 42% on this Combo)

Buy here at Rs.1349  just Rs.779 https://latestone.com/products/buy-ptron-rebel-stereo-wired-headset-get-xmate-genie-mini-bluetooth-earphone-free

(Save 50% on this combo)

Buy hereat Rs. 800 just Rs.399https://latestone.com/products/combo-of-genie-bluetooth-wireless-mini-premium-headset-black-white

(Save 43% on this combo)

Buy here at Rs.2899 just Rs.1649 https://latestone.com/products/buy-ptron-rhythm-bluetooth-smartwatch-with-camera-get-dynamite-dual-usb-car-charger-free

(Save 41% on this combo)

Buy her at Rs. 949 just Rs.559 https://latestone.com/products/buy-xmate-genie-mini-bluetooth-earphone-get-dazon-valor-army-wrist-watch-for-men-free

(Save 36% on this Combo)

Buy here at Rs.1299 just Rs.829 https://latestone.com/products/buy-ptron-streak-portable-bluetooth-speaker-get-falcon-1-5a-micro-usb-charging-cable-free

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