MrOwl, a Social Cloud Storage Platform™ that combines the best elements of collaboration in a constantly evolving and searchable cloud of information, is paving the way to help you bridge your digital work and social lives in one easy to use platform.  As seen in a popular video that recently has spread across newsfeeds around the country, MrOwl shows how you can take advantage of free cloud storage to seamlessly organize and quickly find everything.

The video shows a young professional who is short on time and looking to plan his work trip at the last minute. He discovers MrOwl Social Cloud Storage, which gives him an easy solution to upload work documents from both his computer and other cloud storage platforms, and even his travel information at the same time. What makes it really unique is that while being able to upload this content, he can also simultaneously search his cloud, computer files and the internet together for other content that he wants to add to his new collection. Now you can upload it once and search it infinitely.

He then creates a private collection of his work materials by uploading gigabytes of data from his cloud storage to MrOwl, where it’s automatically organized for him and accessible while he’s on the go.  The video highlights the collaborative tools on MrOwl which are helpful whether you’re managing a group work project, or looking to collaborate with friends on your weekend travel plans.  The possibilities are endless.  MrOwl gives consumers a better way to combine and organize everything on one platform in a way that’s shareable and searchable in the way that they’ve always wanted.  And, users get free unlimited cloud storage for content that they share with the world.*

“MrOwl gives users a new way to easily organize and share bundled collections of information made up of subtopics, links, documents and media about the things that are important to them in a very personal way”, said Arvind Raichur, CEO and co-founder of MrOwl.  “You can connect and collaborate and discover what others have shared in a new and powerful way”.

While the video covers just one small aspect of the overall potential that MrOwl Social Cloud Storage has to offer, it undoubtedly opens our eyes and shows us what the future of social collaboration and cloud can be.  And, from the looks of it, it seems like MrOwl’s ability to transform our personal and professional lives for the better is just the route to go.

Please note that title of the video is “MrOwl Social Cloud Storage: On the Go With One App”, and the video can be found on YouTube at:

*Free unlimited files stored in public branches up to 20MB per file.  See terms for full details.

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