• October 21, 2021

Jaipur, October 01, 2021.

Design is the key to unlocking a vision for tomorrow. World University of Design being a uniquely design-focused university, and keen on keeping its vision firmly rooted in future, organizes a lecture series – “Speculative Futures” at a global stratum. The upcoming lecture will be given by Prof. Ramgopal Rao, Director IIT Delhi on Friday, October 1st, 2021.

The lecture-series involve participation by the entire design fraternity wherein discussions is carried out on a plane that pivots on the junction of various disciplines like science, technology, engineering and design. In this popular array of lectures by eminent personalities, opportunities are provided to young tender minds of design students to ignite their imagination and think out of the box for a future that is beyond imagination; this is the very concept of “Speculative Futures”.

Speculative Future propels the notion of thinking big, futuristic, fantastical and fictional which when backed by logical thinking and path-breaking technological nuances could lead into the invention of something that the future awaits!

Prof Ramgopal Rao (Director, IIT Delhi) is known for his passion for design and the educational hues involved in the discipline. Backed by excellence in his professional career and deployment of innovative technologies and products in the field of nanotechnology, nano electronics and nano devices. Prof. Rao will be speaking about Connecting Academic Research with Product Innovation: Case Studies and the Way Forward 

On the occasion, Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design) expressed his views by saying, “We are on a mission to cull out some exceptional opportunities for our students so as to provide them with an edge over others in the discipline. Design is a sphere that makes its presence felt in every sector that exists today and so it becomes our prime responsibility to widen the horizon for our students, make them mindful of what the future holds as well as expectations of them. We believe that India has some brilliant minds, so why not cultivate them here on our own soil?

Time and again World University of Design has proven to be the nurturer of young minds at their premise or outside; they have initiated programmes to ignite minds and impelled them to think innovatively. With “Speculative Futures” they are opening yet another doorway between what seems to be two parallel universes – one where the students are and the other where they will be as innovators of inventions that have not crossed the minds of common man today. It ought to prove itself to be a bridge embellished by a zillion nerve endings all receptive to constructive new ideas, whimsical imaginations and some wishful thinking all augmented by calculative and logical approach to eventually manifest into a spectacle of tomorrow

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