• October 18, 2021

Jaipur, November 2019: LetsTransport, one of the leading brands in the tech-logistics market, announces the expansion of its last-mile delivery services in Jaipur, with 500+trucks on its platform. Offering customized intra-state logistics solutions for enterprises, LetsTransport aims to engage with 1,00,000+ truckers in the next two years and enhance its core value proposition through efficient operations across different sectors.

With this expansion announcement, LetsTransport plans to improve business efficiency and offer logistics services for well-known brands like  Flipkart, Big Basket, Udaan, FSC and Shop Kirana in Jaipur. LetsTransport has been offering intra-state aggregation of light commercial vehicles for industry sectors like organized retail, FMCG and e-commerce, distribution and 3PL companies. Additionally, it also offers customized logistics solutions for enterprises along with other value-added services such as audited and GPS-enabled vehicles, point-to-point billing, status updates, 24×7 service at economical pricing.

Co-founded in April 2015 by Pushkar Singh, Sudarshan Ravi and Ankit Parasher, the company had raised Rs 100 crore from Bertelsmann India Investments and Fosun International. The Indian logistics is sprawling and plagued by multiple inefficiencies, thus resulting in customer dissatisfaction and cost overrun as well. LetsTransport seeks to address these issues by offering efficient last-mile delivery for brands across different sectors.

Commenting on the Jaipur launch, Pushkar Singh, CEO & co-founder of LetsTransport said, “With the expansion in Jaipur, LetsTransport’s core value proposition aims at helping enterprises with their first-mile, upcountry, secondary and last-mile legs of transportation. Aiming to become India’s largest urban freight network, we also look forward to encourage easy trade, facilitate efficient business operations, and ensure value offerings beyond Tier-1 cities as well.”

Sudarshan Ravi, CPO & co-founder of LetsTransport adds, “Logistics is inefficient beyond Tier-1 cities with enterprises facing even bigger challenges in Tier-2 markets. At the same time, truckers in these markets remain largely under-served. Our understanding of enterprises and truckers puts in a sweet spot to bridge these gaps which exist in the traditional market by leveraging our product offerings.” LetsTransport is one of the first movers to identify, empathize with the underserved urban trucker community and making them part of the mainstream economy.

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