Life Is Not Made Up Of One Or Two Big Things, It Is Made Up Of ‘A Million Little Things

Mumbai: September 16, 2020.

 Life always feels good when you spend a little We-time with family and friends. Friendship is more than just being able to have the hard conversation and the willingness to listen; it’s a million little things. Here’s a beautiful tale that celebrates hope, joy, friends, familiy, relationships and above all life. #FeelTheFeels and celebrate the little moments of we-time as Zee Café brings a sob-worthy show that will turn hearts to mush – A Million Little Things Season 2 starting Monday, September 21, weeknights at 10PM.

The IMDB 7.9-rated drama features an ensemble cast including David Giuntoli (13 Hours), Screen Actors Guild Award winner Romany MalcoAllison Miller (13 Reasons Why)Christina Moses (The Originals) and many others. The opening season featured a group of friends navigate through relationships, tough times and joyful moments after one of their close friend’s unexpected death gave them the much-awaited wake up call to finally start living and caring for each other. In its latest edition, Season 2 brings back memories, betrayal and the guilt of having had to lie to each other from the earlier season.

In Season 2, the premise slowly changes face to focus on each character and their path to redemption. We see a recovering alcoholic stay-at-home dad Eddie (David Giuntoli) come clean to his wife, Katherine (Grace Park) about his affair with widower and wife of his best friend, Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak). This he feels is the reason for Jon’s (Ron Livingston) ultimate suicide which he blames on himself throughout the entirety of the first season. Meanwhile, as Rome (Romany Malco), conveys his wishes to bear a child with his unwilling and adamant wife Regina (Christina Moses), Gary (James Roday), a breast cancer survivor, finds that his girlfriend, Maggie (Allison Miller) has taken a certain dislike towards him.

Everything in life is always about the balance of giving and taking, sharing and caring and its these moments that measure a person’s true inclination to work towards a relationship built on trust and love.

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