It’s the time of festivities and celebrations in India, but the year 2020 and the fear of Coronavirus is everywhere. While we all have adapted to the new normal and are staying cautious from this deadly virus, it is not dampening the spirit of Diwali. The festival symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and is incomplete without gorgeous lamps and lanterns that can be lit up with diyas and candles, but this year all must be done within the premises of our homes. Evok by Hindware, has introduced a whole new range of décor solutions to give today’s contemporary house a festive feel this Diwali.

Scroll down to get a taste of Evok’s newest collection to spruce up your home:

Silver Glass Votive With Jewel Ring And Dangler Silver

This is a glass holder with a jewel ring around the brim elegantly holding a silver dangler. This vintage and beautiful piece lights up thevotive in your home and creates an aura of mystique and tranquility. Let the candle flames entice you to the world of positivity of Diwali. This exclusive Glass Votive is coated with Silver from inside and painted externally, giving it regal touch and feel. In addition, it is decorated with a Gold plated Jewel Ring and dangler to enhance its beauty and vintage appeal. Simply light a wax tea-light inside, and enjoy the look.

8-Votive Chic Black Iron Wall Sconce Candle Holder With Red Candle Wall Art

This beautiful candle holder is a decorative and practical addition to your interiors. It’s minimalistic design, works great alone, or as a set with multiple matching pieces. Stagger them down the wall or hang them at intervals around the room to add some much-needed texture to your home. Perfect for bedroom lighting and living room or kitchen accents, this candle holder also makes an excellent addition to event furnishings. 

Wall Hanging Metal Tri-Drop Hanging Candle Holder With Wall Candle Scone

Bring life to your walls with our teardrop-shaped metal candle holder. Being carved out of pure brass, this wall hanging gives a unique look to your wall. Beautifully crafted in black and copper, gold & silver foil tones, this tea-light holder is perfect for wall mounting. It can be hanged at your entryway, kitchen, or living room walls for a cozy glow while you relax and enjoy. Comes with a tea-light for each. 

Matt Black Quad Crystal Hanging Globe Ceiling

Get ready to dazzle your guests (while maintaining social distancing)when you add this crystal pendant light to your dining or living room. With its round shape made partially of metal, other crystals, and simple silhouette, this pendant brings chic style to your space. The metallic finished and cut-crystals accent the modern look of this elegant lighting accessory. The 25w incandescent bulb inside creates a light show, that is sure to delight you and your loved ones. Just plug it and enjoy the show.