• October 22, 2021

New Delhi, India.

Battling with world’s biggest crisis ever – Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) when India underwent a complete lockdown with 135 crore people, it was time for some bravehearts “Lions” to come forward and show humanity and care to Indians!

Close on the heels of a 90 minute video conferencing between the nation’s biggest doctor – Dr. Harshvardhan – the Honourable Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Past International President Lion Dr. Naresh Aggarwal, Lions Clubs International (LCI) – the world’s biggest service association with 2.8 lakh members in India alone. LCI today made a huge contribution for COVID-19 crisis.

According to Dr. Naresh Aggarwal, “In the last 30 days, Lions have given over approximately 15 crores to the PM CARES fund and 20 crores to the CM and local Government funds. Separately, Lions in 7,381 Clubs across India have spent over 80 crores on food, protective equipment and sanitizers to directly serve over 50 lakhs. Apart from this, Lions Clubs International Foundation has given USD 2 lakhs to combat the virus in India.

As the lockdown eases, Lions will do even more to bring the country back to normal. We are thankful to Honourable Union Health Minister who  gave us inspiration and instruction on how we can save lives. His helicopter view brought the entire crisis into perspective. As India exponentially grows in medical equipment, Lions will be proud to connect the tools to the people in need. Finally, the International Directors of India and Past International Presidents gave their blessings and encouragement.

Reiterating further Dr. Aggarwal said, “The popular motto of Lions is the Power of We. Today, India is closer together and more unified than ever before. Tomorrow, let us retain this unity for other things as well. The word “corona” comes from crown. Once corona goes, let us put a crown on the heads of everyone so that each Indian can live a life of dignity.”

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