National, 9th September 2019: LivTek India, one of the recognized writing instrument brands in India unveils its new series of 2020 diaries as an extension to its wide range of lifestyle and dated products.The new series of diaries by LivTek India is based on refined technology which has valuable information such as milestones, year planner, health charts, world and India maps supplemented with city maps of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata. The diaries include a new concept of telephone directory, the perpetual calendar, along with holidays and notable dates. LivTek India’s new series is a one-stop solution for organizing, planning and enriching the life of professionals in various fields.

The Modern Flexi Book-sizeDiary

The Modern Flexi Diary has aprogressive design which strengthensexcellence and sustainability.  A diary which can be used as per needs: day a page, two days per page

or skipping the page when not required. Available in colours of black & maroon and soothing ivory cream paper, the flexi diary has unique features such as the maps, holiday and notable dates, health charts, year planner to name a few.

Day-a-page Diary in the India Today mould

An all-purpose diary designed based on feedback from a large number of users on format, concept and usage.A perfect companion for your day to day use.

A diary which blends the colour of maroon with ivory cream paper…comes with horoscope, list of holidays, Vikramsamvat, year planner, hotels… a Diary truly in the India Today mould, printed by the same press, Thomson Press.

The Vintage A6 Diary

The Vintage A6 Diary has ivory cream&milky whitepaper and offers aunique functional design.  Available in flexi pop and golden stone colours a diary which personifies the confidence and energy.

The Heritage A5 Diary

The Heritage A5 Diary showcases the heritage design with colours of silver grey, traditional black and maroon. A diary for the versatile professionals, available in ivory cream and milky white paper.

The Classic Quarto Diary

The Classic Quarto Diary represents style and perfection to signify the traditional all-purpose usage. This timeless classic diary is the perfect balance between quality,class and performance. Designed for usage in corporates by officers and staff alike.

The Mobile Pocket diary:

A dairy to carry around both for ladies and gents alike, available in blossom rose, maroon, derby black and rich black colours and in formats of both landscape and portrait, a diary for use by lady executives, advocates and sales personnel.

Mr. Vinod Krishna, Chairman, LivTek India said, “LivTek India has always been at the forefront to offer the best luxury writing instruments brands to its customers. The new series of diary collections focus on the essence of the brand while tapping the requirements of consumers who are conscious about writing instruments needs. With the pan-India presence, we believe in reaching out to our customers and providing the best quality writing instrument.”

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