curates everyday recipes for homemakers on World Diabetes Day

New Delhi, November 2022.

Brand MAGGI has always been an ally for homecooks in everyday cooking. This World Diabetes Day, has introduced an additional section on the website dedicated to selection of recipes that deliver on taste and nutrition. These recipes are reviewed by senior nutritionist and specialist.  With these recipes, home cooks need not compromise on the taste or nutrition in their meals.

Commenting on this,Mr. Rajat Jain, Head – Foods Business, Nestlé India, said, “We at MAGGI understand how tough it can be for homemakers to manage the varied dietary requirements of different family members. Often it means they need to cook two separate meals, to meet the nutritional requirements of the household, sometimes compromising on taste. MAGGI, with the objective of being an ally in daily cooking, has curated, tasty and experts’ recommended recipes. We have worked with culinary experts and nutritionists in putting together these recipes on”

MAGGI has always been at the forefront of innovation and has always given priority to consumers’ needs. In 2020, the brand introduced the service “MAGGI – Cooking Made Simple” to make every-day cooking simple, convenient, and enjoyable for everybody. These recipes are available on,and can be accessed on your phone and are downloadable.