Manipal, 17 June, 2019.

MAHE becomes a member of the Formation à l’Ingénierie par des Universités de Recherche (FiGuRe) Network, post an agreement signed between MAHE represented by its Vice Chancellor, Dr. H Vinod Bhat, and The FiGuRe Network represented by its President Dr LamineBoubakar on June 3rd, 2019.

The FiGuRe Network is a non-profit association of Universities with more than a hundred Universities accredited as ‘Cursus Master enIngénierie’ (CMI)’ in different domains of Engineering.CMI is a selective 5 year program, based on innovative training including projects and internships, with strong links with research organizations The participants are awarded a master degree from their own university plus a CMI label jointly delivered by the university and the network. International mobility of a semester is compulsory in order to get the label.

Each university offers a comprehensive programme, based on existing bachelors and masters with ca 20% extra courses. CMI students follow courses with bachelor and master degree regular students and have their own courses and projects. Each CMI is designed to prepare for an expert engineer job with deep knowledge of a given scientific domain, with extra courses in basic sciences (i.e. mathematics, computer sciences etc.), social sciences, economics and ethics.

CMI graduates earn highly specialized competences and cross disciplinary skills helping them adapt to different cultural and economic environments. Each CMI is supported by internationally renowned research labs, strongly interacting with their economic sector, from large worldwide companies to small innovative SMEs.  In order to be prepared to face these challenges, an international mobility of at least 3 months (6 months or a semester recommended) for CMI students is compulsory.

This agreement is to promote international scholar mobility between MAHE and the other CMI affiliated member Universities, facilitating research, internship and placements for FiGuRe Network affiliated universities at MAHE and vice-versa in different domains of engineering. This is to benefit the Undergraduate or Graduate students of Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology and the 3rd, 4th or 5th Year CMI Students from France.

Dr. Raghu Radhakrishnan, Director of International Relations, MAHE, Manipal, India Prof. Jean Pierre Gesson (in charge of International relations of FiGuRe; Emeritus professor at University of Poitiers; former president of  University of Poitiers, France and Dr. Prashanth Shetty, Associate Professor at School of Information Sciences, MAHE, Manipal were present.

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