• September 28, 2021

Mumbai, 21th October, 2020.

Tata Green Batteries, manufactured and marketed by TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt. Ltd., has introduced its latest proposition with WATConsult, the globally awarded hybrid digital agency from the house of dentsu International.

Through its previously launched campaigns including #IndiaKiBattery, Tata Green Batteries has constantly highlighted and commemorated a changing India. Now, building on the same premise, it has launched a fresh digital campaign to mark the revamp of its product line. Centering around the theme of ‘Naye India Ki Nayi Battery’, the campaign titled #MainFarkNahiKarta, aims to reach out to every progressive Indian. The video tugs at the audiences’ heartstrings by portraying the importance of celebrating each other’s differences rather than discriminating because of them.

The campaign comprises a digital video commercial, which, apart from Hindi, has been launched in three other languages – Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. This will help extend the brand’s reach manifold and stay thoughtful to the diversity of the Indian audiences. Having kicked off with intriguing teasers, the campaign also includes online contests, providing a platform to the viewers to express their opinions on the brand’s ideology, #MainFarkNahiKarta. Additionally, to strengthen the communication objective, live interactive sessions with senior management have also been arranged.

Commenting on the campaign, Ravi Gupta, CEO, Tata Green Batteries said, “This concept revolves around the philosophy of equal rights for every Indian. It also entails that we believe in One Nation. Similarly, we don’t differentiate amongst our customers; we treat all of them as equal and serve them with the same passion, zest and energy every day, every time. With new initiatives incorporated with the changing times, like paperless warranty, TGY connect app and We Care app, we’re ensuring that every customer has easy and worry-free access to any kind of documentation, which is why we like to say #MainFarkNahiKarta.”

Sharing her thoughts on the campaign, Heeru Dingra, CEO, WATConsult added, “#MainFarkNahiKarta takes a sentimental approach to effectively put across the brand’s ethos of moving towards a new India. Presenting some highly relatable nuances from our day-to-day lives, the campaign salutes all those who do not discriminate on any basis by simply showcasing some small yet big differences that usually go unnoticed by each one of us.”

For the record, the brand, with its unique combination of TATA AutoComp’s extensive experience in the automotive industry and GS Yuasa International’s superior technological know-how, has a wide range of categories that it caters to. These include 2W, Tractor, PV and CV. The campaign, with its inclusive attributes, appropriately targets all these lines-of-business.

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