As we inch closer to Christmas this year, all that we look forward to is Santa, perhaps, with a mask on, sleighing through the air to restore faith in humanity that has been under threat lately. No surprises that this Christmas will be all about reminiscing the old and spending time indoors with our loved ones. And what better way to spend your Christmas with your family than watching some of the choicest Christmas and New Year movies with some home-baked cookies? We are excited to tell you that Shorts TV has come up with special segments of selected shorts from around the globe that will remind you of the Christmas & New Year of old. Here’s a list of special short films that you can savour with your family.

The Elf Who saved Christmas

The film begins on Christmas Eve when Santa has received no letters in his giant mailbox. Santa calls the elves together to announce his retirement since no one believes in Christmas. This is when the Elf reminds him of the Spirit of Christmas!

The Christmas Hot Dog

The Egos come together in a plot to change Christmas to January. There’s just one problem, Will has discovered a lady that hands out free hot dogs and his interest in finding her may derail the motivation of the entire Christmas special.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve short film revolves around a young girl named Eve who celebrates what could be her last Christmas.

Silent Nights

A Danish short film nominated at the 89th Academy Awards for Best Live Action Short Film, Silent Night begins on Christmas Eve, life and death hangs in the balance of one phone call between lovers. This short film follows the story of a volunteer at a housing shelter who falls for a Ghanaian refugee.

‘Tis the Season

Jerry is a grouchy low-life who makes his dough snatching bags during the holiday shopping rush. Alvin is a lonely loser who loves Christmas maybe a little too much. And when a vindictive gangster names ‘Uncle Santa’ comes calling, these two misfits team up for the wackiest Christmas ever.

Haunted Hogomanay

An animated comedy, Haunted Hogomanay is the story of two unlikely friends who set out on New Year’s Eve for an investigation into the supernatural activity of the streets buried underneath Edinburgh’s Old Town. Trouble ensues when they disturb the ghostly inhabitant.