Manipal, May 11, 2020.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) invites applications for INTEGRATED PROGRAMME IN MANAGEMENT (IPM). A university programme jointly designed and delivered by Department of Commerce (DOC) and Manipal Institute of Management (MIM) MAHE, Manipal. This programme is aimed at those candidates who have completed(their standard XII/Higher Secondary Education (HSE) or equivalent) or those appearing in the year 2020.

This innovative IPM program empowers candidates to take up managerial roles in corporate and non-corporate entities or venture into being entrepreneurs who are competent in handling all domain areas of management seamlessly. The Programme consists of 15 terms spread over a period of 5 years. IPM is delivered such that the first three years builds a strong foundation, and the last two years provides focus on management. The foundation has three major elements; Courses in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics build analytical rigour. Courses in Psychology, Sociology and Political Science along with courses in Economics provide an understanding of the core disciplines on which the study of management is based. Towards the end of the program, candidates are awarded the degree of an MBA along with BA (Foundations in Management) degree.

Commenting on this innovative program, Dr Raveendranath Nayak, Director & Professor, Manipal Institute of Management (MAHE) said, “The world is experiencing a paradigm shift from the old to the new and at the center of this lies the strong principles of management that will govern business. Young men and women who have the potential, knowledge and capability to shoulder challenging managerial and administrative responsibilities in a disruptive environment in the future will be in demand. We at Manipal, groom our students into being the torch bearers of a better world.”