Published On: Fri, Mar 6th, 2020

Manipal Hospitals Addresses Popular Healthcare Notions With Quirky #DoctorWithSign Campaign

JAIPUR, 7 March, 2020: ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is probably the earliest piece of healthcare advice we ever receive. Yet, no matter how consistent you are in eating apples throughout your life, the role of a doctor cannot be discounted when it comes to expert consultation and being extra sure about your health.

Common notions associated with the medical fraternity create a mental block in most people that stops them from accessing healthcare at the right time. #DoctorWithSign uses quirky, snackable content on real images to address these notions and change people’s perspective on hospitals, doctors and healthcare in general. Manipal Hospitals’ social media agency Social Panga tapped on to a popular trend to deliver the message loud and clear.

The campaign showcases doctors from the Jaipur unit of Manipal Hospitals holding up placards which read quirky messages like “Our handwriting is readable, ask your pharmacist” and “Stop getting scared of injections”. Putting doctors at the core of the campaign truly champions them as changemakers. This creates a one-to-one connection between the audience and the doctors, and also ties the Manipal Hospitals brand back to the campaign.

Some placards really hit home, addressing the popular millennial behaviour of ‘diagnosing symptoms on Google’, something we have all been guilty of attempting at some point in our life.

The campaign’s reach was 5x higher on Instagram, while the campaign’s reach was 8x higher on Facebook. Not only did the campaign reach a higher number of users on social media, but also received 20x engagement on Instagram and 9x engagement on Facebook, in comparison to the page’s average engagement on the platforms. The engagement rate for the campaign was 58%, which was an increase of 41% from the average engagement rate of 17% on Instagram.

Manipal Hospitals and Social Panga have done a stellar job of showing the quirky and amicable side of doctors to users and audiences. Hopefully, this will ease existing notions about hospitals and healthcare and encourage more people to visit the doctor!

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