New, Delhi, July, 2019.

The Oncology team of Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, Delhi recently celebrated ‘Brave hearts day’ to celebrate the victory against cancer and an opportunity to share the inspiring stories of the cancer survivor patients, the brave hearts.

Many cancer survivors, family members, and their friends attended the program in good numbers. During the event, senior oncologists, psycho-oncologist, physiotherapist, dietician, and nurse from Manipal hospital discussed various issues pertaining to cancer survivorship including ‘how to deal with day to day concerns, how to plan a good living post-cancer therapy, dealing with feelings and emotions during the survivorship’. There was a dedicated panel discussion where major issues faced by patients and their family members were discussed in detail. The highlight of the program was the touching stories told by survivors and their family members about their cancer journey and post-treatment living related to medical and psycho-social issues.

To mark this occasion, the department of oncology at Manipal Hospital released a printed guide for cancer survivors and their family members. The idea behind this initiative was to start a support group for the current patients to aid them with much-needed inspiration and information. It is medically realized that the cancer survivors should receive guidance- to encourage the patients for regular follow-up care, lifestyle modification and to seek help for their psycho-social issues. The programme turned out to be a huge success as the survivors and their caregivers were able to relate with the stories and it left a positive impact on their journey. It was all about helping them to let go of the negative feelings and embracing the new normal. The programme certainly gave them a ray of hope to see the overwhelming brave heart stories.

Dr. Bidhu K Mohanti (Radiation Oncologist) shared, “Improvements in cancer cure is seen in India from the beginning of the 21st century. Currently, 25 lakhs of cancer survivors are living on our country. They should receive attention towards their health, rehabilitation and good living. The cancer survivors are to be recognised in our society”.

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