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Bangalore, February 12, 2020:  Manipal Hospitals Whitefield performed Arthroscopic Latarjet” surgery for the first time in Bangalore. This novel and minimally invasive procedure was used to give new lease of life to 3 patients – 29 year old Mr. Paras, 40 year old Mr. NM Pradeep and 25 year old Mr. Muzammil who were suffering from recurrent and multiple shoulder dislocation. Dr. Ayyappan V Nair, Shoulder Specialist and  Orthopedic Surgeon at Manipal Hospitals Whitefield performed the surgery through a keyhole camera with minimal incisions. So far 9 patients have been successfully treated using this novel procedure.

 Shoulder dislocation is a condition where the shoulder joint slips and the bones of the shoulder loose contact with each other. Shoulder is the most common joint to get dislocated. Once dislocated chances of repeat dislocation is more when the patient is young. This incidence decreases with age. Usually this kind of shoulder instability is treated with a keyhole surgery called Bankart surgery where the ligaments, which are torn in the shoulder, are required back. However in patients with multiple dislocations this ligament repair procedure will not suffice due to extensive bone loss of the ball and socket and hence Latarjet procedure is done.

 The case of 29-year-old Mr. Paras was heart-warming as he came with a history of multiple dislocations of right shoulder. To correct the same, in the last 3 years he underwent two failed surgeries at other hospitals. Despite both the surgeries, he continued to experience dislocations. Fortunately, when he came to Manipal Hospitals, Dr. Ayyappan V Nair performed Arthroscopic Latarjet surgery that showed great signs of recovery and he was able to resume his normal routine in just six months. Similarly, 40 year old Mr. BM Pradeep came with history of four Dislocations in four months. However, post undergoing Arthroscopic Latarjet at Manipal Hospitals Whitefield 3 months ago followed by regular physiotherapy, he too has resumed his daily routine. The third case was of 25-year-old Mr. Muzammil, who came with a history of over 50 dislocations and post Arthroscopic Latarjet which was performed 6 weeks ago, he is on his recovery road and is undergoing rehabilitation.

 Sharing details on the case and Arthroscopic Latarjet, Dr. Ayyappan V Nair, shoulder specialist and orthopedic surgeon Manipal Hospitals Whitefield said, “All the three patients had a bad history of multiple shoulder dislocations and one of the patient had undergone 2 failed surgeries with no respite. Shoulder is a ball and socket joint, with multiple dislocations there is significant bone loss in the socket part of the joint due to repeated denting of the glenoid by the dislocating humeral head which causes bone defect and needs to be filled. The process of filling the defect in the socket is called as a bone block procedure ‘latarjet’. Here a piece of bone called coracoid, which is next to the shoulder joint is cut, rotated and fixed on to the side of socket this technique is usually done as an open procedure with an extensive surgical incision.”

“Unlike the open procedure, Arthroscopic Latarjet gives excellent precision in positioning the bone block and the blood loss is also minimized. Infact the procedure further reduces complications and hospital stay with great clinical outcomes. Since the procedure is technically demanding, it is done by only few surgeons worldwide and in India” he added.

Sharing his thoughts on the success of three surgeries, Mr. Arnab Mondal, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospitals Whitefield said, “This is indeed a great milestone for Manipal Hospitals Whitefield. I congratulate Dr. Ayyappan V Nair and his team for their dedication and commitment as all the three cases were extremely challenging. With our expert pool of doctors and state of the art infrastructure, we aim to provide quality and affordable healthcare services and will continue our efforts of offering cutting edge healthcare solutions to people.”

 Sharing his happiness, Mr. Paras Solanki , Patient said“ Having undergone 2 surgeries earlier and almost 19 doctor consultations I had almost lost hope. Fortunately  Dr. Ayyappan V Nair assured me that my dislocation can be completely cured using a novel procedure which is Arthroscopic Latarjet surgery. Today 3 months post the surgery my life is back on track as now I have resumed my regular routine. I also go for swimming and do regular exercise, really thankful to the doctor who has given me a new lease of life.”

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