Jaipur, 30 November 2021.

Taking yet another step in its commitment to ensure 100% utilization of Fly Ash in its Anuppur Thermal Plant in a sustainable manner, MB Power (Madhya Pradesh) Limited (MBPMPL) today executed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with South Eastern Coalfield Limited (SECL). Under the MoU, MBPMPL has taken the responsibility for backfilling of the abandoned mine void in Sharda Open Cast Mine in Shahdol District in Madhya Pradesh. Backfilling/stowing and reclamation of the mine void shall be carried out as per March 2019 guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board and requirement stipulated by MPPCB. The MoU was signed today by Shri. P. Srikrishna, GM (M)/SAM of SECL, and Shri. BK Mishra, Plant Head-Anuppur & COO of MB Power in the presence of Shri Sanjiv Mehra, Regional Officer MP Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) and Shri. Shankar Nagchari, Area General Manager, SECL, Sohagpur Area.

Under the MOU, SECL has allocated 0.92 MCM volume to MBPMPL for backfilling out of total capacity of 1.08 MCM of the mine void.

Congratulating MB Power and SECL on this progressive step, Shri. Sanjeev Mehra, Regional Officer, Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board, said, “It is a very important step in matters related to fly ash management; this is the first time in Madhya Pradesh that the mine out area / exhausted mine area is going to be utilized/used for fly ash filling. This will eliminate random dumping of fly ash here & there, and at the same time will ensure unused vast land is converted into useful, fully rehabilitated and valuable land.”

We are hopeful that in the future other abandoned mine owners will also come forward to give their land to fly ash generators; thus, ensuring an improved scenario for fly ash handling and management”, Sanjeev Mehra added. As a process, the mine void would be backfilled in a progressive manner from bottom to top, in compacted layers thus, helping in the restoration of the mined land to its original topography. Once completed, the land will be available for utilization of various purposes including grazing cattle, green belt development, playground for local residents, renewable resources, etc.

Shri. Shankar Nagchari, Area General Manager, SECL said, “We are extremely happy as we enter into this arrangement with MB Power. This is a one of its kind initiative in CIC coalfields for environmental conservation and protection. This MOU has been made possible due to the special contribution and support of Shri. Amit Saxena, General Manager (Operations) Sohagour Area and shall ensure thermal power plants achieve 100% fly ash utilisation.”

B.K. Mishra, Plant Head- Anuppur & COO, MB Power said, “It’s a major achievement and milestone for us in ensuring efficient utilization of fly ash in large quantity. Sustainable development is the prime vision and goal of our business. Filling fly ash in the mines is one of the best utilization of fly ash which is the combustion product of coal. Our plant being at closed vicinity of the coal mine has a strategic advantage which many thermal plants do not have. It is a win-win situation for both M B power plant as well as SECL.”               

Recently, MB Power also announced it had joined hands with ACC Limited to transport conditioned fly ash to the latter’s cement factory in Kymore, Katni using the rail mode. The MOU with SECL is yet another example of the strong commitment that MB Power has taken upon itself to reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to the nation’s growth in areas of environment and sustainability.