McDonald’s Fries, a delight for French Fries lovers

Jaipur, July 13, 2022.

We know thathot, crispy, golden McDonald’s Fries is a delight for French Fries lovers. As soon as you pick the Fries box with the famous golden arches, you get the tantalizing whiff of those delicious tasting Fries that you can not resist to put the fried to perfection golden sticks into your mouth. The first bite gives you that crunch through the crispy outer layer, sprinkled with salt and then comes the soft and fluffy inside: some magical combination of making Fries. You pick them one by one, dipping into sauce and before you even realize, the whole box is gone.

However, did you know the secret why McDonald’s World Famous Fries® taste so good? It is a combination of many wonderful processes coming together at the same consistency each time, every time. Here are the top five for you to know:

Made with just three primary ingredients

There are only three primary ingredients to McDonald’s World Famous Fries®: potatoes, 100% vegetable oil and a sprinkling of salt. Nothing more.

McDonald’s Fries are made from select variety of potato

There are more than 5,000 varieties of whole, natural fresh potatoes to choose from, only a few are good enough for McDonald’s World Famous Fries®. McDonald’s only uses select varieties of top-grade, all-natural potatoes that provide the best moisture content, color, have high solids, low sugars and a large, oblong shape. This ensures your favourite Fries remain fluffy on the inside while crispy on the outside.   

Our quality promise starts right from the farm

To ensure that only safe, fresh, high quality potatoes go into making of McDonald’s World Famous Fries®, McDonald’s has extremely stringent and rigrousevaluations covering pre-planting and pre-harvest assessments including  field preparation, seed selection,drip irrigation, modern picking methods and much more.

More than 120 quality and safety checks involved in making a McDonald’s French Fry

During processing at the world-class facility of McDonald’s global French Fries partner, McCain, the McDonald’s French Fries have to go through more than 120 quality and safety checks including the length, moisture content, colour, flavour, texture – to ensure perfection.

Cooked to perfection in the restaurants

The process McDonald’s uses to cook fries at the restaurants is very precise and consistent. Everything from the cook time to the amount of salt is fixed and carefully measured.

Order a McDelivery or visit your closest store to savour McDonald’s World Famous Fries®, prepared with perfection just for you.