Published On: Sat, Jun 6th, 2020

MH Bangalore Felicitates 20 year old Braveheart battling Cancer on “Cancer Survivorship Day”

Bangalore, June 6, 2020.

 Manipal Hospitals Bangalore one of India’s leading Healthcare provider felicitated 20 year old young brave heart battling lung cancer on account of “Cancer Survivorship Day today. On this day, Manipal Hospitals applauds the heroism and the motivation of such young fighters. Inspiring millions of people who are battling cancer this young boy who aspires to be a journalist has displayed immense grit and courage and has proved that the power of human resilience and undying spirit can help people win over cancer battles.

20-year-old Anirudh has been fighting extremely rare kind of lung cancer and is under treatment at Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road Bangalore. He was diagnosed with Lung cancer in December 2019 and has been undergoing treatment ever since. Anirudh came to hospital with a dry cough and on further investigation; doctors discovered the presence of a mass in his lung. He had also lost about 9kgs of weight in the recent past and was under extreme fatigue. The symptoms hinted at a possibility of cancer in the lung and he was diagnosed with Pleuro-pulmonary blastoma.  This is an extremely rare kind of cancer that occurs in the chest, specifically in the lungs or lung coverings. Doctors at Manipal Hospitals left no stone unturned to give the best line of treatments to Anirudh.

“No cancer is strong enough to break mental strength of a human being and the survivorship strength and positive attitude has helped Anirudh to defeat cancer. In this case of young Anirudh his will power and positive energy and strength coupled with cancer survivor’s group support and treatment provided by the team of oncologists will help him defeat cancer and he will certainly emerge victorious and will be a Cancer graduate soon” said Dr Somashekhar, Chairman of Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Care, Manipal Hospitals

Dr Amit Rautan, Medical Oncologist at the Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road said, “His type of cancer is very rare. It needs treatment with aggressive chemotherapy for multiple cycles. He has been taking these cycles very positively and has shown improvement in his interim scans. We are hoping he responds well and can move forward in life with the same positive and cheerful manner”

It has not been an easy task for Anirudh to say the least, sharing his experience he said I couldn’t comprehend what had happened when I first heard I had cancer. It took some time for the news to sink in my family and friends were supportive during this period. Also, the doctors and counsellors at the Manipal Hospital constantly ensured I was informed and provided support during this period”

“I was going through chemo which affected my days and my moods” he said “I wasn’t going to college and hence had to keep myself busy and motivated to keep going forward and fight cancer. I have finished 4 cycles of chemotherapy. I have a few more cycles left. I do believe that my family and friends have played a huge role to keep me positive during this time.”

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