New Delhi: Budget 2019 had set the dice rolling for a new India as it aims at achieving a healthy society via Ayushman Bharat, well-nourished women & children, the safety of citizens is probably the most crucial factor that will be taken care of. The goal is to climb towards a 5 Trillion Dollar Economy with People’s hearts filled with Aasha (Hope), Vishwas (Trust), Aakansha (Aspirations).
Apart from them the requirements of infrastructure, digital economy and job creation that are highlighted in this budget are expected to make the economy stronger and skilled in the coming years. The budget 2019 is totally about making India an attractive destination in every sphere adding the benefit of Tax simplification and ease of living. The fact that the finance sector regulation changed from NHB to RBI will have a beneficial impact on the investments in the housing sector.

The new approach of Gandhi-pedia extracted from Budget 2019, allows allocation of 400 cr for quality education which is going to enable more number of Indian educational institutions to be featured on international rankings. Besides this, the ‘Study In India’ scheme will make our nation a captivating destination for foreign students to study here. This will make a way for growth in the educational sector and it will be culturally significant too. Such kind of promotional measures from budget 2019 is great in featuring the economy of India in the best way possible because India is capable of becoming an education hub!” says, Saurabh Pandey, Senior Faculty, Shankar Academy of Art, New Delhi.

Vice President of BJP, Purvanchal Morcha Soniya Sanjay Sinha said, ‘The country’s economy is about to touch new heights after the dynamic budget of 2019. Issues of everyone’s interest has been addressed accurately and it has beautifully adapted to the model of self-sufficiency. The initiatives which are proposed can kick-start the virtuous cycle of investments and benefit the life of common man’
All the schemes that are proposed in this budget are dynamic, ‘Nari Tu Narayani’ being the most important where the aim is to make women-led initiatives and movements and introduction to gender budgeting, She added.

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