Mooofarm announces Brand Ambassador Collaboration with Sonam Bajwa

Jaipur. November 2022.

Mooofarm, a dairy agri-tech startup, signs Sonam Bajwa as the Brand Ambassador to collaborate on their shared vision of farmer prosperity and women empowerment in India. Sonam is a renowned model cum actor and has worked in several Punjabi, Bollywood and Tamil films.

Sonam comes from a Punjabi farmer family and has grown-up to have a confident voice and a progressive thought process. She is very keen to partner with Mooofarm towards a common noble purpose that brings technical advancements in harmony with actual growth of dairy services in the rural areas thereby making farmers profitable.

In Rajasthan, Mooofarm delivers critical dairy focused services through its mobile app which is equipped with several beneficial features. With one app, farmers can get access to quality feed, quality cattle and farm management advisory services via “MoooSaathi” feature that can help farmers to secure improved milk yields and hence better price after sale.

On the other hand, while farmers & MoooSathis learn and earn from high yielding cattle and other inputs, individuals can also sign-up to become exclusive feed distributors called SuperSaathi with better access to farmer customer base. All this has been made possible via a single consolidated “Mooofarm” application. Ultimately, the purpose is to empower the dairy farmer community to maximize profits from their business for when farmers earn, we earn and it leads to a win-win growth for all.