Mother’s Recipe unveils its Summerwala Sharbat DVC with a new tagline #Swad Jo Dilaye Bachhpan ki yaad


Mumbai, May 08, 2023.

 Sharbat, the sweet and refreshing drink has the power to bring back memories of childhood. The tradition of having sharbat in summer always strikes nostalgia. In Indian households, making sharbat is a family affair, with everyone pitching in to help prepare the drink. Grandmothers are often the ones who pass down their traditional recipes and techniques for making sharbat. In the summer season, tea gets replaced with sharbat while welcoming guests.

Sharbats are offered as a thirst quencher to beat the scorching summer heat. As the temperatures rise and people begin to seek out refreshing drinks to quench their thirst, Mother’s Recipe, one of India’s leading food brands has launched a DVC campaign for its newly launched Summerwala Sharbat.

This delicious and refreshing range of Mother’s Recipe sharbat is perfect for those hot summer days. We have all seen our mothers indulging in the process of making khus, aam panna and many other drinks at home. Whether we returned from school or came back from playing, or it was a special occasion or a family gathering, one thing common for the summer season was the cooling, refreshing sharbat. With the concept of reminiscing childhood memories, Mother’s Recipe has replicated the same in their latest DVC for Summerwala Sharbat.